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December 7, 2000

Chat With Brian Downey

Chat with Brian Downey, star of Lexx - Captain 'Manley Stanley' joins some of his favorite girls for a pre-Christmas chat

Tis the season for fun, frolic, and friendship. and today we were lucky enough to be able to get together with Brian Downey, who plays "Manley Stanley, Captain of the Mighty Lexx", in IRC for a friendly pre-Christmas chat. The transcript follows below for your reading enjoyment.

<Pat> ok... the moderators/ ops right now are angelmay, delly, doffy, lafemmenikita, necrophiliac, zillie and me...
<Pat> for anybody who, like me, can't see the @ in the IRC
<StansJennix> what does that mean, Pat?
<starfireone> thanks for asking i was wondering
<StansJennix> are we gonna write questions to you?
<Pat> Jennix, these are the people who will relay your questions if we have to go into moderated mode
<Pat> we'll try unmoderated first though
<angelmay> He's on his way in shortly
* zillie tidies her couch, shakes her crumb filled skirt, does her hair, and sits tight for "the man"...
<Pat> If we change to moderated, it means nobody except the moderators can talk in this room...
<Pat> so you'd have to send your questions to Brian to the moderators
<Pat> But right now, we stick with unmoderated, just don't inundate Brian with too many questions at a time
<StansJennix> nonon
<StansJennix> we will behave goodly
<StunnerLuver4> heheh
<trillian> heh
<maritas> that's cool, there's not than many of us that we can't all behave
<angelmay> he's here hold on ladies
<Kaisfem> we will be ruly
* trillian adjusts her halo and really, really tries to look innocent
* Micromary helps trill with her halo
<angelmay> Brian is almost ready so hold on
<trillian> tehe
* Kaisfem assures trillian that it may work
* StansJennix tries to looke dirty

<Lonesome Hellcat> did brian come around?
<StunnerLuver4> almost
<Kaisfem> He's on his way
<Kaisfem> Like a typical man...he wouldn't stop to ask for directions...lol
<angelmay> Ok don't bombard the poor man he is really a slow typer LOL

*** stanley has joined #chat

<shewren> Welcome Mr. Downey and thank you for stopping by for a visit!
<trillian> heya stanley
<lafemmenikita> woo!
<Pat> Hi ya, Stanley
* Kaisfem gasps
<angelmay> Hello Brian
<StunnerLuver4> yay!!!
<maritas> hiya
<CatCharm> Hi Brian
<StansJennix> hi Brian
<stanley> hi leslie
<delly> good to see you Brian
<NecK> sup brian
<ClusterRat> howdy!
<Kaisfem> Hi baby boy!
<Micromary> HI, Brian
<DirtyGirl> Brian's here!
<StunnerLuver4> Hi Brian!!!

<stanley> boy you guys are quick

* trillian serves Brian a flaming B-52, putting the flame out with her hand
<Lonesome Hellcat> g'evening mr. downey. nice to meet you.
<angelmay> lOL trill
* shewren giggles

<stanley> that b52 had to hurt

<StunnerLuver4> LOL
<necrophiliac> lol
<angelmay> LOL
<trillian> eh, just a singe
<delly> heh
* maritas smiles - finally !
<Kaisfem> the pain is worth it...lol
* angelmay hands trillian a bandaid and some bactene

<stanley> so is the drink

<shewren> hehehehe!
<CatCharm> lol
<Kaisfem> only if they are chilled
<trillian> who feels pain after a few of those?
<shewren> It is so very nice of you to come by
<StunnerLuver4> Hey, Brian, I luv you, man!

<stanley> so, you know nigel is back with us

<angelmay> Yes
<angelmay> That's wonderful
<shewren> wow!
* trillian nods yes
* delly nods

<stanley> and Jeff is back writing

* Kaisfem claps
<Micromary> COOL
<angelmay> Oh wow kewl Brian
<shewren> wonderful!
* maritas nodds too
<CatCharm> fabulous
<Kaisfem> Do ya'll know where you'll be shooting yet?
* Kaisfem prays "Texas"
<delly> you're starting in mid Jan Brian?

<stanley> In mid Jan
<stanley> texas is possible
<stanley> so is DC

<StansJennix> are you coming to Sweden? ;
<angelmay> Wow!!!
<trillian> DC? ooo
<DirtyGirl> Yes...heard rumours
<angelmay> Great!
<DirtyGirl> Can't wait.
<CatCharm> DC? Is lexx going to blow up the white house?
<Micromary> OOOO, DC is closer to home!!
<delly> and how many months do you expect the cast will be shooting for Brian?

<stanley> as long as there is a bad mayor

<trillian> so I suppose we can't show to see a little TV majic?
<angelmay> LMAO!!!
<delly> hehe
<trillian> tehe
<shewren> DC...very cool...close enough!
<lafemmenikita> DC!! COOL!
* lafemmenikita used to work in DC
* DirtyGirl might have to plan a vacation to DC
<StunnerLuver4> me too!
* delly sighs and wishes you could make that 'BC'
<lafemmenikita> heehee
<Kaisfem> lol @ delly
* zillie will move to Hali first, and the holiday in DC..

<stanley> As soon as I know where and when I'll let you guys know

<StunnerLuver4> cool
<DirtyGirl> Kewl
<angelmay> That is great Brian!!
<shewren> oh...you are a doll!
<necrophiliac> great
<delly> awww..kewl
<trillian> thanks
<CatCharm> wow thanks Brian
<trillian> my one question
<trillian> do you play air hockey?
<StansJennix> lol

<stanley> no thanks necessary

<StunnerLuver4> Brian, I would ask you about your basement, but Doffy might swat me...
<Lonesome Hellcat> mr. downey, any possibility paul or the other producers would accept a new cast member? maybe an extra for one time in the show? i have a pretty good resume and great expirience acting.
<delly> hehe
<shewren> LOL

<stanley> yes I strum my hockey stick every day

<angelmay> LOLOL
<necrophiliac> lol!
<trillian> LOL
<Micromary> LOL
<shewren> hehehehehehehehehe!!!!
<delly> lol
<lafemmenikita> LOL!!!!!!!!
<CatCharm> lol

<stanley> new people are always welcome

* StansJennix would kiss anyone, even 790, to get on the Lexx
<lafemmenikita> heehee
<DirtyGirl> ?me buys a plane ticket to Hali
<trillian> eep! StansJennix, i won't say it!
<zillie> hehe Jennix
* Micromary checks to see if her mental image matches lafemm's
* necrophiliac would do more than kiss to get on
<Lonesome Hellcat> great! is there an address i can write to?
<angelmay> LMAO Necro

<stanley> 790... plastic ??!!

<StansJennix> sure * StansJennix could be the robotlover

<stanley> write to Salter

<CatCharm> 790 is plastic?
<CatCharm> bummer
* maritas blushes and raises her hand...
<Lonesome Hellcat> ok. i will.

<stanley> heavy plastic

<StunnerLuver4> Why don't you throw 790 off the Lexx already?
<starfireone> no, don't throw 790 away!
<zillie> we like it too much to do that..
<StunnerLuver4> He's too mean to Stanley the Manly!
<Kaisfem> Are they gonna keep him?
<shewren> he has his....uses
<delly> yes, but Stanley gives as good as he gets

<stanley> 790 is back big time

<Micromary> Keep 790!!
<trillian> maybe as a good alarm clock, shewren
<CatCharm> yay!
<shewren> hehehehehehe!!!
<angelmay> Kewl Brian I like 790
<StansJennix> i say: throw off the corpse
<DirtyGirl> Gotta have 790!
<maritas> wow now that would sell 790 alarm clock!
<zillie> Will he finally get a body Brian?
<CatCharm> we were missing him in this season
<lafemmenikita> yay for 790!

<stanley> a bi robot head?
<stanley> YES

<maritas> yeah we were...
<lafemmenikita> HAHAH!
<DirtyGirl> Sure..why not?
<angelmay> HA HA HA!!!
<shewren> hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!
<DirtyGirl> Love it!

<stanley> he doesn't give, he IS

<trillian> heh
<delly> I think 790 should fall for Prince this time
<CatCharm> lol
<maritas> the bi robot head was some great lines
<DirtyGirl> LOL!!
<StunnerLuver4> Oh, no, remember what happened last time 790 had a body?
<Kaisfem> that'd be funny if he got Kai's body...don't tell Buggy I said that...ssshhh
<shewren> LOL!!
<Lonesome Hellcat> well, 790 is good for healing xev and kai and of course, stanley. thanks to him, stan wouldn't have had his hand back.
<DirtyGirl> Too funny!
<zillie> hehe delly
* Micromary faints at the thought of 790's head on Kai's body
<angelmay> LOL
<lafemmenikita> hahahaahah!
<StunnerLuver4> LOL
<trillian> LOL MM
<DirtyGirl> Yes 790 and Kai's body...THUD
<StunnerLuver4> At least he has better hair!
<delly> yah..but..no tongue!
<Kaisfem> I had to put something in for MissJeannieHoney...
<shewren> Dont think so girls!
<delly> that's no good..
<zillie> Will 790 finally get a buddy Brian?

<stanley> ok moderated chat

<Pat> ok...
<Pat> You can privately ask the moderators your questions
<angelmay> <trillian> Brian: how far into season 4 have you seen the scripts?

Some brief technical difficulties trying to get Brian back online, and some strannnnnge chat
 * angelmay smiles at Brian
<lafemmenikita> can ya see this?
* zillie knew she should've seated and tied him to her couch
* DirtyGirl has oiled rein handy
<angelmay> LOL doffy
<lafemmenikita> oiled rein?!?!
<lafemmenikita> LOL
<angelmay> At least you got them good and oiled now for CowboyKai
<DirtyGirl> oiled for ME!

<stanley> no me

<DirtyGirl> ooo, Brain
<angelmay> hee hee Brian
<zillie> Oh he's back
<DirtyGirl> Brian
<angelmay> woo hoo
<zillie> Welcome back Brian
<Pat> let's try again...

<stanley> some day I should tell you guys aboiut me and mikey's first day in Hfx

<DirtyGirl> I'd love to hear it!
<Pat> ooh, we wanna hear
<angelmay> Oh please do Brian I bet it was a riot!!
<lafemmenikita> tell tell!
<zillie> Why not today? Now?

<stanley> very very funny day

<DirtyGirl> Do tell!

<stanley> it's a long story

* lafemmenikita sits...grins...and listens....
<Pat> tease
<DirtyGirl> We're not going anywhere
<delly> ooh yeah...tell now
* delly pours Brian a Scotch
<lafemmenikita> hehe

<stanley> but it ends with me and Mikey being thown out of the first bar we wallked in to

* zillie seats him in her couch...
<angelmay> LOL Brian
<lafemmenikita> ack!!
<zillie> oh do tell us..
<DirtyGirl> Pleeeeeze
<delly> what did you bad boys do?

<stanley> toooo loooong
<stanley> we go to dinner
<stanley> with Paul (Donovan) and Robert Sigl (director)
<stanley> we are confirmed on the show
<stanley> never met before

<DirtyGirl> First season?

<stanley> we have drinks and great food
<stanley> first season, yes
<stanley> and after Paul and Robert offer us a drive to our hotel
<stanley> we look at each other and say " no we'll walk"
<stanley> Knowing what we are going to do

<angelmay> hee hee
<lafemmenikita> heehee
<DirtyGirl> ???

<stanley> we go to a joint called the Liquor Dome
<stanley> As we are crossing the  floor
<stanley> to the bar
<stanley> Mikey's jacket
<stanley> catches a chair
<stanley> the chair goes over
<stanley> we get to the bar

* DirtyGirl thuds at "mikey"
* lafemmenikita wonders if anyone was in the chair...

<stanley> and a huge bouncer comes up tp us
<stanley> and says
<stanley> "We think you've had enough to drink

<Pat> lol @ lafemme
<DirtyGirl> LMAO
<Pat> ack...
* angelmay is laughing her ass off
<necrophiliac> lol
<Pat> lol
<lafemmenikita> what?!? HAHAHA!

<stanley> we say we have had a glass of wine with dinner
<stanley> he grabs mikey and says " you gotta go

<DirtyGirl> Did MM kick his butt?
<lafemmenikita> ack!!!
<angelmay> Oh NO

<stanley> I say "Oh yeah... well if you throw my buddy out

<lafemmenikita> woo! go Brian!
<DirtyGirl> You GO!

<stanley> you gotta throw me out too!!!!

<Pat> good on ya!
<DirtyGirl> WooHoo!
<lafemmenikita> woohoo!!
<zillie> good on you
<angelmay> Good for you Brian Woo Hoo!!!

<stanley> 2 seconds later.....

<delly> ManlyStanley! <lafemmenikita> heeheehee
<DirtyGirl> Way to go, Brian
<angelmay> hee hee

<stanley> pavement burns... yes I think so
<DirtyGirl> LOL
<lafemmenikita> ack ack!!
<necrophiliac> lol!

<stanley> but later...
<stanley> we go... for the first time
<stanley> to the Shoe Shop

<delly> oh my...an historical moment
<DirtyGirl> I've heard of the Shoe Shop

<stanley> A legend in its own mind

<delly> hehehe
<DirtyGirl> LO
<angelmay> LOL
<zillie> definitely delly

<stanley> and we find a quiet table
<stanley> did I mention that this was a monday?

<angelmay> No
<lafemmenikita> no..hehe

<stanley> and there was no one else in the Liquor Dome?
<stanley> NOT A SOUL

<DirtyGirl> I thought you were at the Shoe Shop?
<angelmay> Oh NO and he threw you guys out ack lol

<stanley> just me and mikey
<DirtyGirl> Do you really call him mikey?

<stanley> we are SOOO scarey
<stanley> So Mikey sits down in The Shoe Shop and I go to buy a beer for us
<stanley> while I'm at the bar
<stanley> I start to talk to a few people
<stanley> OK... girls... fine !!
<stanley> and I invite the entire bar to come join us

* delly smiles
<zillie> hehehe

<stanley> Mikey is evil

<lafemmenikita> THUD
<DirtyGirl> MMmmmmmm
<angelmay> THUD
<DirtyGirl> THUD
<angelmay> LOL

<stanley> Michael is very quiet

* zillie smiles
<Pat> evil... *sigh*
<DirtyGirl> I'll bet!

<stanley> yep
<stanley> so OH MY GOD
<stanley> They all all come to sit with us

<DirtyGirl> Gee..I wonder why?

<stanley> because we were funny i guess

<lafemmenikita> *chuckle*

<stanley> and Mikey says
<stanley> "fuck downey"
<stanley> "I just wanted a beer"
<stanley> "Not a convention"

<angelmay> HA HA HA!!!
<delly> hahaha!
<zillie> hahaha
<lafemmenikita> hahahahaha!
<angelmay> hee hee hee

<stanley> we have been friends ever since

<delly> :D
<lafemmenikita> heeheeheehee!
<angelmay> Cool Brian!!
<DirtyGirl> Way cool!

<stanley> he still tells the story about that night
<stanley> downey goes for a beer, and comes back with the bar

<lafemmenikita> wooo ya!!!!!
<DirtyGirl> Stan the Man

<stanley> My nickname in NFLD. (newfoundland for those who don't know)
<stanley> They call me Iron brian

<DirtyGirl> A Newfie, eh?
<lafemmenikita> WOOO!!
<lafemmenikita> THUD
<lafemmenikita> heehee
<DirtyGirl> Hmmm, I wonder why?

<stanley> because I am 6 foot six

* delly giggles

<stanley> and solid muscle
<stanley> and dark haired
<stanley> blue eyes !!

<Pat> StunnerLuver4 wants to know: Brian: Can we look forward to seeing Stanley's hats avaliable for sale anytime soon?

<stanley> I am laughing
<stanley> really

<DirtyGirl> Yes! Tweedle Hats!
<DirtyGirl> Must...have....Tweedle..hats...!

<stanley> what is a mode change

<DirtyGirl> Gives control
<zillie> Pat, you might want to repeat that question
<angelmay> They set me as a moderator Brian

<stanley> can I go pee now ?

<DirtyGirl> LOL!
<angelmay> Yes Brian LOL
<DirtyGirl> PEE BREAK!!!

<stanley> back

<delly> Brian..question from StansJennix.... "What was your favorite Lexx episode..and what other of the characters would you like to play if you had the opportunity..and why?"

<stanley> one of my favs was white trash

<lafemmenikita> really?!?!
<lafemmenikita> wow!
<DirtyGirl> I liked that one
<angelmay> I did too

<stanley> play only Stan
<stanley> because it had the opportunity to open up a whole new area
<stanley> which was not explored
<stanley> i loved the idea that other people could have been on the LEXX

<zillie> Brian, a number of the girls would like to know whether Mr.McManus has a current girlfriend.
<DirtyGirl> scuse me while I thud

<stanley> Yes he does
<stanley> thud away

<angelmay> THUD
<angelmay> LOL
<DirtyGirl> LOL
<lafemmenikita> LOL!
<zillie> Sorry girls, he's taken...
<lafemmenikita> awww! heeheehee
<angelmay> awwww

<stanley> I didn't say taken

<DirtyGirl> Shucks!
<angelmay> OH?
<DirtyGirl> You mean there's hope?

<stanley> I said he has a girl friend
<stanley> hope ?

<zillie> Never assume anything...
<DirtyGirl> Is he as sweet as he seems?

<stanley> mikey is a good human, but he is human
<stanley> no protoblood

<delly> yes, Kai is so much better
<lafemmenikita> haha!
<delly> hehehe
<angelmay> LOL
<DirtyGirl> Cool...perfection is overrated
<delly> much more staying power
<delly> annnnnyway
<angelmay> LOL delly

<stanley> I disagree ... perfection is underrated

<DirtyGirl> LOL
<angelmay> Hee Hee
<delly> Brian...I have a question...how long do you expect shooting to take for the new season?

<stanley> we will shoot for about a year

<DirtyGirl> Really? A full year?
<delly> so..likely to finish up in December or so?

<stanley> yes a year

<lafemmenikita> Lonesome Hellcat would like to say something before he leaves...
<Lonesome Hellcat> thank you
<Lonesome Hellcat> mr. downey, i want to wish you and the rest of the crew the best of luck. and i wish someday i can work with you all.

<stanley> come see us at least !!

<Lonesome Hellcat> i will try! the best i can!

<stanley> we all get along very well
<stanley> cast and crew

<zillie> Brian, here's another one <MeLuSiNe-> Could you ask him if he is going to direct an ep of Lexx in the near future?
<DirtyGirl> Any plans for another Uncon?
<lafemmenikita> great to hear!
<Lonesome Hellcat> oh and one more thing: if you can: tell mrs. seeberg she has a huge fan over at puerto rico.

<stanley> My dear sweet person
<stanley> I wish I had control over those things
<stanley> I would have one every month
<stanley> but it is up to you guys and up to Salter

<necrophiliac> Brian, Rustam would like to offer you some Lough Lavin
<Pat> Well, we'll have to have a word with Salter, then

<stanley> UnCons here in Halifax

<DirtyGirl> Yep...
<DirtyGirl> gotta get Salter straight!
<zillie> definitely, a word or two..

<stanley> You can ask the people who have been here

* DirtyGirl breaks out the bullwhip

<stanley> I will do whatever I can
<stanley> So, I must go in a minute or so, sorry

<delly> Brian....Kaisfem asks.. "Will our Stanley find true love in Lexx 4"?
<DirtyGirl> Awww

<stanley> yes Stan will, he will meet his twin

<lafemmenikita> ack!! HAHA!
<DirtyGirl> His twin???

<stanley> who could ask for more

<Pat> lol, cool
<DirtyGirl> ACK@!!!!
<delly> hehehehhee
<angelmay> Really? Cool!!
<zillie> kewl
<lafemmenikita> kewl....!
<delly> a soulmate for Stanley?
<delly> awwww
<DirtyGirl> Two Stanleys!!!
<necrophiliac> one more Brian <FrogSplash> Well Just how difficult was it for all three of them to shoot the codpiece scene in K-Town and how many takes did it take to get it right.)

<stanley> for me the codpiece scene was easy
<stanley> I wasn't naked
<stanley> and cold

<angelmay> Hee Hee Hee
<angelmay> BRRRRRRRRRR

<stanley> with a smoke machine

<DirtyGirl> GAH!!!
<angelmay> LOLOL
* lafemmenikita shivvers

<stanley> coming out of my groin

<lafemmenikita> HAHAHAHA!
<delly> hehehehehehe

<stanley> EASY

<necrophiliac> haha
<Pat> ack...
<DirtyGirl> LOL!!!
<angelmay> HA HA HA!!!

<stanley> Now mikey....
<stanley> we did have heaters
<stanley> we shot that in a place called Rudersdorf

<delly> What was your most difficult scene in Lexx 3 Brian? aside from nearly getting drowned <angelmay> oh yes
<DirtyGirl> ???

<stanley> can it get worse than almost being drowned ??!!

* delly grins
<DirtyGirl> Welll?
* lafemmenikita chuckles

<stanley> well what ?

<angelmay> I don't swim either when I heard that my heart went out to you!
<delly> I mean technically tough...trying..irritating

<stanley> did you guys see "The Making OF (The Making of Lexx 3)

<angelmay> I did!
<delly> yes Brian
* lafemmenikita hasn't
<Pat> yes, some of us have seen it
<lafemmenikita> only read about it

<stanley> it was very funny

<DirtyGirl> Nope..unfortunately
<delly> I put up a synopsis on the web Brian (you can read the synopsis drdel)
<angelmay> Yes it was
<zillie> only some of us, unfortunately :?
<delly> with pictures even
* DirtyGirl cries
<lafemmenikita> ya...ty delly!
<delly> it was great Brian

<stanley> let's get that around
<stanley> some out takes

* lafemmenikita stands in line for her copy...
<delly> my favorite part is of you and Nigel on the beach with the brollies ))))
* DirtyGirl blows nose

<stanley> and some behind the scenes

<DirtyGirl> Brollies?
<lafemmenikita> umbrella's DG
<delly> umbrellas DG
<DirtyGirl> Oh, umbrelleas
<angelmay> Oh I think we would all love to see behind the scenes and outtakes Brian.

<stanley> that was funny the brollies

<DirtyGirl> olny seen pics
<DirtyGirl> Great pics!

<stanley> must say "nite" any last questiones ?

<necrophiliac> --reggemS here-- in view that most of the questions have been about Michael McManus, ..."If we were to ask Michael how you were to work with, what would he say?"

<stanley> that was spanish

<DirtyGirl> LOL
<angelmay> LOL

<stanley> he'd say perfect

<angelmay> <delly> LOL!
<necrophiliac> lol
<DirtyGirl> I'll bet!
<zillie> hehehe
<angelmay> You betcha Brian!!

<stanley> not what I would say

<necrophiliac> one more Brian <Rustam> you might ask how they keep their cool under such extreme circumstances
<angelmay> LMAO!!!
<DirtyGirl> You are awesome, Brian!
<zillie> what would you say?

<stanley> keeping cool is having a sense of humor
<stanley> because after all it is just make believe

<maritas> thank you Brian for joining us!!
<DirtyGirl> Yes, Thanks so much!
<DirtyGirl> You have a great sense of humor!
<angelmay> So true about the sense of humor Brian!
<Pat> Thanks for joining us, Brian... We're glad you could make it here in the end!
<delly> big hugs to you Brian and best of luck to all the crew for next year
<necrophiliac> Thank you so much Brian! It was wonderful to get to talk to you!
<DirtyGirl> Lots of hugs
<angelmay> Thank you so much for coming Brian, we hope you can do this again soon with us.
<shewren> Thank you so very much Mr. Downey!!
<zillie> thanks for your time Brian Would love to do it again, and maybe with Michael or Nigel over! *hint, hint*

<stanley> thank you sall for being so kind and so funny and so interested in our small show

<Pat> okie... shall we switch off moderation, so everybody can say goodbye?
* angelmay gives Brian a Hug
* zillie unties Brian, and gives him a good hug
<maritas> Oh and I love your singing!!
<MeLuSiNe-> bye Brian
<trillian> THank you for putting up with us!
<FrogSplash> Thanks Brian!!!!!
* Kaisfem gives Brian a huge huggle in person
<maritas> bye Brian !!!
* trillian huggles, gropes and waves
<Kaisfem> Come on down to Texas honey!
<StunnerLuver4> Bye Brian! I luv you, man!
<Rustam> God night and sleep tight and all tha there stuff, Brian.
<angelmay> Have a good night Brian and have fun filming the new season of Lexx!!
<starfireone> thanks Brian!
 * maritas smile and wanes goodbye..
* MeLuSiNe- huggles Brian
<DirtyGirl> G'night Brian!

<stanley> I am here for you, whenever you want OK ?

<trillian> whoo!
<Rustam> irm....(((TTTHUDDD)))
* shewren huggles
<DirtyGirl> Love you...love the show...
<delly> nitenite Brian
<maritas> cool beans!
<angelmay> Great come back again soon Brian!!
<lafemmenikita> greaat Brian!!
<Pat> we'll take you up on that, Brian, and invite you back for more chats
<ClusterRat> nighty night!
<FrogSplash> WhoooHoooo!!!

***stanley has left #chat