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Chat with Ellen Dubin 08 July 2007

ellendubin Hello Everyone - Welcome to the chat - first of all would love to thank Shirley for all her dedication and hard work- she never ceases to amaze me - so thanks so much

milesteg Lampadas. I mean, the U.S.. (Just a milesteg reference)
els uk
Shirl Hi Ellen and thanks for coming
The Wicked Hi Maya!
Kai_lotbg russia
els hi ellen!!
Ketana hola Maya!!
CheshireKat hi Maya
lucylou im from good ole England
stephy_k Hello Ellen ! Thanks for being there !
mayaxiong howdy
lucylou sunny lil Ipswich
Angel Hello Ellen!
Shenandora hi ellen
angelbacchae Hi maya!
Shirl Please say hi to Ellen everyone
JetiX Hi Ellen!
mayaxiong Hey everyone
Ketana Peaches sends her love to Ellen!
Kai_lotbg Hello Ellen
Clari Hi Ellen
angelbacchae Hiiiii Ellen!
mayaxiong Hi Ellen !
The_Wicked Ellen, welcome back
lucylou Hiya Ellen xxx
Ka Hello sleeping meat Smile
ellendubin love to everyone- so happy to be here- shirl you are the best for organizing this
milesteg Hi Ellen. I don't know if you remember, but I interviewed you for Strange Horizons a few months ago. How've you been?
ellendubin I am Wide awake meat baby!
ellendubin yes I do rememeber you- loved your interview

CheshireKat hi Ellen
Shirl My pleasure Ellen
ellendubin i am great
lucylou Hey Ellen, its Luce from England
The_Wicked *mimics Lyekka* I like you Ellen
Angel What have you been up to lately, Ellen?
mayaxiong Yeah, any good new movies coming out?
ellendubin I am thrilled to be doing this first of all
ellendubin i have a few movies coming out on tv

Shirl Right lets get this chat started Questions for ellen please
ellendubin in the US
ellendubin and in CAnada

lucylou you're so lovely hehe
The_Wicked How's it going Ellen? Enjoying the summer?
ellendubin my series THE COLLECTOR is all over the world now
mayaxiong We're dying to see you in a vampire flick
ellendubin US in the fall but it shows in India, England, Germany
ellendubin Sweden etc
mayaxiong oh cool !
ellendubin summer is going so fast but I love it[/color]
lucylou it shows here? really? I didnt even know
stephy_k I fianally saw it, and loved it, but it doesn't air in Switzerland or France yet !
milesteg What channel?
milesteg In the US, I mean.
lucylou we had our summer in April lol
ellendubin as soon as I have the date will keep you vampire fans posted
The_Wicked lol
ellendubin stephy - it doesn't air yet?
ellendubin thought it did?

The_Wicked Vampires are Wicked
els yeah twodays the first hot day we've had for weeks
ellendubin will find out about that for you and post on the message board as soon as I know
mayaxiong So can you give us an update on what's happening with the Timeless Convention?
ellendubin I have blood ties coming out on LIFETIME soon
ellendubin heard through most of the fans that TD has been either condensed or cancelled

Shirl You seem to be doing ok Ellen shall i keep the gag off for now??
ellendubin waiting to hear from the organizers
JetiX what was that ?
ellendubin yes shirl
mayaxiong sorry Shirl, the chat program keeps booting folks, heh
Angel Ellen, I hear you're going to Gencon, are you getting excited about that?
stephy_k The con will be some sort a gathering... from friday 5th to sunday 7th of August ! Will you join us ? That would be great !!!
JetiX think anyone should fix it
angelbacchae looks like we're causing quite a traffic Smile
The_Wicked chat glitches?
mayaxiong back
ellendubin stephy I don't live in Vancouver anymore = I am dividing my time between La and toronto so probably won't make it in
Shirl Yes if it gets too bad we will change rooms
mayaxiong it says too many connections, Ellen is burning up the chat room Yeah !
milesteg I guess it's not just me then.
milesteg (Not a sign, just a typo. Never mind it.
stephy_k Ellen, did you see what I wrote about the gathering
Kai_lotbg indeed
milesteg] Smile
Ange yup, keeps disconnecting
The_Wicked boy this chatroom's getting crowded
ellendubin it is a real shame - feel badly for the fans
ellendubin the Con probably can't afford to bring us out of town guests in anymore
ellendubini will wait no worries

Shirl We moved to another chat room at this point & Ellen is now giggerota100:
+ this is where we lost part of the transcript If anyone has the lost bit please contact me +

giggerota100: thanks you make me smile
ICKLESCULLY: Ive been doing it nearly a year now
Shirl: I've just put the log on for this room
giggerota100: great that you are doing that
Veyron16: i love dentists nowadays, just petrified of the bill for all the new high tech stuff
Shirl: thanks for reminding me
giggerota100: yes expensive now
ICKLESCULLY: Its really nice, I love working with the patients, especially the children
giggerota100: that is a wonderful profession
ICKLESCULLY: its a very underpaid profession but it can be real satisfying, you meet some lovely people too
giggerota100: yes you do
giggerota100: dentists are very underappreciated

ICKLESCULLY: they are, i think a lot of healthcare professionals are
ICKLESCULLY: especially our NHS nurses
kriatian: *JOIN* Entered room.
Shirl: More people are coming Ellen - I just told them where we are
giggerota100: i will wait as long as need be Veyron16: whos JR?
giggerota100: thanks again Shirl for reorganizing this
sg1clari: JR Bourne
kriatian: *PART* Left room.
kriatian: *JOIN* Entered room.
giggerota100: we should start soon
Shirl: Please start Ellen
Veyron16: yes chats can be so glitchy, thanks for taking the trouble to set it up
Shirl: The others will catch up
giggerota100: ask away guys
giggerota100: le'ts start so we can get this going

Shirl: Questions for Ellen please
Veyron16: Well i didnt say hello before, so Hello!
sg1clari: well guys I'm afraid I must be going now, nite all
sabeanqueen: How did it feel to get the Gemini award nomination?
ICKLESCULLY: night xxx
giggerota100: sg any quesitions
giggerota100: before you go?
giggerota100: one question

Shirl: Night luce
giggerota100: luce one question?
ICKLESCULLY: dude im not goin
Els38: *PART* Left room.
ICKLESCULLY: i was sayin night to Clari hehe
giggerota100: sabe it was the most rewarding thing for me
giggerota100: hard to get nominated when there are so many nominees

sg1clari: I can't think of any, I'lll ask 2 next time
sg1clari: nite all
sg1clari: Left room.
giggerota100: great luc
Shirl: More questions please
ICKLESCULLY: ooo I thought of one, when acting there must be lots of times when you get down because of lack of roles etc, what is it that keeps you going through times like that? how do you find the strength to keep doing it?
giggerota100: great question ickles
giggerota100: you have to keep your sense of humor and do other things like family stuff or you can go nuts

kriatian: My name i kristian not kriatian
giggerota100: if you are only your job you can go nuts
giggerota100: I try and help others too

sabeanqueen: Can you tell us anything about Nature's Guard, and will it be aired in the UK?
giggerota100: natures
giggerota100: guard is a new animated series
giggerota100: unfortuantely they are still waiting for financing and we still haven't taped anything yet

giggerota100: if anything comes of it will post on my site
sabeanqueen: Thankyou Smile
kriatian: Gigge,You need a chat on your website Smile
giggerota100: k
giggerota100: will do that one day
giggerota100: good idea
giggerota100: but that is why we are doing this now
ICKLESCULLY: guys Els sends her apologies but her computers gone wrong
giggerota100: no worries els
giggerota100: questions?

sabeanqueen: Did you model Giggerota on anyone when you acted her?
giggerota100: sabe
giggerota100: I hope I didn't model her after anyone

Shirl: Is there an outfit you hated wearing while you were acting?
sabeanqueen: lol
giggerota100: hee hee hee
Veyron16: *PART* Left room.
Veyron16: *JOIN* Entered room.
sabeanqueen: Do you have to work out to keep in shape or are you one of the lucky few who can eat enything?
giggerota100: it was a big challenge to wear a two hundred pound fat suit covered from head to toe in a wrinkle in time
giggerota100: as aunt beast
giggerota100: plus I was hairy from head to toe and was blind
giggerota100: it was sweaty itchy and smelly
giggerota100: plus i had huge feet and they wanted me to move gracefully

kriatian: I think the lexx outfit she is wearing in the series was great
Shirl: poor you Ellen and thanks for answering
giggerota100: thanks glad you liked the outfit
giggerota100: the lexx outfit was difficult too
giggerota100: first season i was in rubber latex and it stunk
ICKLESCULLY: ewww i had to wear spandex in a show once
ICKLESCULLY: that was bad enough
giggerota100: no one ate lunch with me and they had to pierce holes in the costume so i could walk
giggerota100: ah well at least spandex moves
giggerota100: but it can be sweaty

ICKLESCULLY: yeah, it can indeed. I was a rat doing the can can lol
Shirl: Have you ever got hurt on set?
Veyron16: I imagine so loved the Pope costume then for the comfort factor.
giggerota100: pope costume was a pleasure even thought it was over a hundered degrees in thailand
giggerota100: i got hurt in shows = like musicals
giggerota100: where I would hurt my knee or my back
giggerota100: but always bounced back or performed hurt
giggerota100: no matter what

Shirl: Smile
Shirl: Your a trooper Ellen
giggerota100: yes I am a trooper
giggerota100: I come from the school of the show must go on
giggerota100: I think it is my ballet training

Shirl: Have you ever been asked to do something you hated doing in acting ?
giggerota100: dancers will do any movement no matter how painful and that is why I am so disciplined in my work
giggerota100: ah fun fun fun
giggerota100: giggerota was great to play because I could use my dance training
giggerota100: I have not liked certain scripts but have to do it the best way I can
giggerota100: some have been awful but I always try to make it work

CheshireKa3: *JOIN* Entered room.
Shirl: More questiond for Ellen Please
Els38: *JOIN* Entered room.
kriatian: What was the best thing in lexx
giggerota100: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: *JOIN* Entered room.

sabeanqueen: When did you decide you wanted to be a performer, was it always in your heart to do when you were a child?
giggerota100: not an actor but a dancer
Shirl: Kriatian can you ask your question again i think Ellen missed it
giggerota100: couldn't sit still and was very shy
Els38_2: *JOIN* Entered room.
brianwhe: *JOIN* Entered room.
giggerota100: got kicked out so have to start again
Els38: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: so what questions did I miss again? sabeanqueen: I was shy as a child, acting in local plays helped me come out of my shell Smile
Shirl: Hi brian
kriatian: Gigge --->What was your best moments in lexx
giggerota100: that is why sabe
giggerota100: it works
giggerota100: loved tying up brian downey and rolf k in apocalexx now
giggerota100: it was great
giggerota100: yes keep going

brianwhe: Hi Shirl and all
Shirl: great
kriatian: Yes stan the man giggerota100: hi stan
Shirl: More questions please
kriatian: Do you think paul donavan coming up with something new someday
giggerota100: I hope Paul
giggerota100: Donovan comes up with more stuff he is brilliant
giggerota100: and unusual
giggerota100: would work with him anytime

sabeanqueen: He has a bizarre imagination Smile
sabeanqueen: Very enjoyable
giggerota100: best moments in lexx working with a great group of people
giggerota100: who still keep in touch
giggerota100: yes he has a great imagination

sabeanqueen: Is there any chance of a LExx convention in the UK giggerota100: not sure about the CON in England- CheshireKa3: Have you had a chance to work with many of the other Lexx cast members since the show ended?
giggerota100: would love to do that
MikeAmo: Entered room.
giggerota100: I am doing GENCON in August
Els38_2: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: can anyone come to gencon
MikeAmo: *JOIN* Entered room.
MikeAmo: *PART* Left room.
Shirl: We love to have you in the UK too Ellen
Veyron16: that has a great guest lineup now including you!
giggerota100: I have worked with a show that Patricia Zentilli did but the show got cancelled- but we weren't in the same scene
kriatian: Michael Mcmanus was great -- As Kai
Els38: *JOIN* Entered room.
giggerota100: thanks veyron
giggerota100: yes MM was fantastic he is an amazing actor
Veyron16: i wish i could come but been to one too many cons for the time being
giggerota100: would work with any of them again
giggerota100: please come if you can
giggerota100: would love to see you

sabeanqueen: I watched him carefully when he did one of his longer speeches and he never appeared to breathe. That muct have been tough, lol
itsAngel: Entered room.
MikeAmo: Boy, it was not easy getting this to work...hi kids!
giggerota100: he is a stage trained actor
sabeanqueen: Hi Mike
Shirl: Angel you found great
giggerota100: glad you are here
sabeanqueen: You had a starring role in an episode of Mutant X, if you could hace a mutant power what would you opt for? Smile
itsAngel: Ellen, I tried asking this in the other chatroom and got disconnected, I hear you're doing Gencon soon, are you getting excited about the upcoming con?
itsAngel: Hi
ICKLESCULLY: mikeeeeeeeeey its Lucee!!!!!!!!!
Shirl: Hi Mike
CheshireKa3: hi Angel
MikeAmo: I'll catch up for awhile..who wasn't breathing? Hi Ellen...good to make it in
giggerota100: lucy
giggerota100: glad to see you mike
giggerota100: love to meet and greet gencon

MikeAmo: Luuuuce!!!
giggerota100: at gencon
ICKLESCULLY: hi!!!!!!! hugs xxxxx
itsAngel: *MSG* We hope other lexx cast members can make it as well.
giggerota100: My power would be to get rid of cruel people in the world
kriatian: How does brain taste
giggerota100: who are mean to others
Shirl: more questions please
stevejc790: *JOIN* Entered room.
giggerota100: brain tastes like gelatin covered with strawberry jam
giggerota100: or sponge toffee

sabeanqueen: Yum
stevejc790: hi
MikeAmo: mmm, I just had corn
sabeanqueen: Smile
Els38_2: *JOIN* Entered room.
Els38_2: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: hi els
MikeAmo: Els!
Els38_2: *JOIN* Entered room.
Els38: *PART* Left room.
Shirl: Hi steve you found us great
ICKLESCULLY: What inspires you most as both an actress and a person
stevejc790: is this the lexx room?
giggerota100: yes the lexx room
stevejc790: phew
CheshireKa3: what was your favorite thing about being Giggy?
Shirl: lol yes
giggerota100: what inspires me are people like you who watch the shows
itsAngel: Ellen, forgive me if this has been asked before, but what new roles are coming up for you?
giggerota100: being giggy was a joy because I got to do anything I wanted - a no holds barred character fun humour sexy
giggerota100: itsangel - blood ties on LIFETIME Network- i play a shapeshifer new lifetime show
giggerota100: great role
giggerota100: THE COLLECTOR will show in the fall 2008 in the US
giggerota100: sold in 65countries

itsAngel: You gave the Giggy character much flavor and spice, you even made cannibals sexy.
Goryn: *JOIN* Entered room.
Veyron16: finally, thats great!
itsAngel: Ahh kewl, that's great!
giggerota100: thanks its angel
giggerota100: humour is sexy

stevejc790: its hard to think at 4 am, was hard work getting here.
Shirl: Hi Goryn
giggerota100: blood ties is a lifetime show about vampires
MikeAmo: I'm using an alien computer 30 miles short of home, after a picnic, so I don't know anything that's happened since this morning...don't know if Shirl or Ellen got my email, so I must apologize if this has been asked...are you not coming to Timeless Destinations at this point?
CheshireKa3: I bet being a shapeshifter takes a lot of makeup!
Norlioness: Left room.
itsAngel: I heard you use the one and only black jaguar in the business?
giggerota100: TD isn't going to happen probably I feel so badly - haven't heard from the TD organizers
giggerota100: no makeup they had a real jaguar
giggerota100: yes that is right

itsAngel: So sorry to hear that Ellen, I truly am, but I am so glad to have met you at TD last year.
giggerota100: only one of two jaguars
giggerota100: gorgeous intimidating animal

Yashiro16: Entered room.
Yashiro16: hey it's me The_Wicked
Yashiro16: back
giggerota100: they won't be able to afford to fly out of town guests in
giggerota100: feel so badly for the fans

MikeAmo: Also, they ran the first 11 episodes of Blood Ties on Lifetime, ended with Norman, I believe...the show returns on Lifetime in October. Do you know when your episode comes up in the series? *** Something will happen in place of TD if it doesn't...about 18 of us are working at that...most of the posts on it will be on the TD Yahoo Page
stevejc790: pleased to meat you giggerota
itsAngel: Me too, I wasn't going this year as I had already been to megacon
Els38_2: *PART* Left room.
Yashiro16: hi Giggerota
giggerota100: I am number 14 in blood ties
CheshireKa3: Maybe GenCon in August
giggerota100: pleased to meat you too
MikeAmo: Sorry I can't get to Gencon...I went to their site 2 weeks ago when I saw you were coming...no mention of events outside of gaming at the time, but you'll love Indianapolis
giggerota100: love to see you all at gencon will be there mid august
giggerota100: wish u could go mike

itsAngel: I put up a link for it on my lexxverse site, they have you listed now as a media guest, lovely picture of you
giggerota100: great
giggerota100: yes a new picture

Els38: *JOIN* Entered room.
MikeAmo: ty, hope they'll get you back ... I think they did really well on Lifetime *** I'll get to L.A. sometime before year's end
giggerota100: yes blood ties is supposed to go back
Goryn: *PART* Left room.
itsAngel: I hope this opens the doors for you for more cons in the U.S. Ellen, not just for Lexx, but your other series/movies as well.
giggerota100: more questions
kriatian: I think the dead zone series is great,You play the role as callie
itsAngel: How are the singing lessons going, do you have anything recorded that your fans can hear?
giggerota100: loved deadzone
ICKLESCULLY: *JOIN* Entered room.
giggerota100: love working with michael hall
Els38: If you could be in any toher sci-fi show what would it be?
Yashiro16: Ellen, what's your number 1 favorite LEXX episode that you were in?
giggerota100: i hope so too its angel
giggerota100: just hope my series the collector does well in the US
giggerota100: i am very proud of it
giggerota100: battlestar g stargate and the 4440!
giggerota100: and HEROES

Veyron16: come to comiccon in seattle next year, Jean was there this year
Els38: *PART* Left room.
kriatian: And LOST HEHE
Els38: *JOIN* Entered room.
Yashiro16: I saw your clips of The Collector on Youtube
giggerota100: loved supernova - had a great time with that one and apocalexx now because brian downey and i had a blast in thailand
Yashiro16: you were great Smile
giggerota100: will ask her about comiccon next year thanks
giggerota100: ah does youtube have clips?
giggerota100: hope they have some great ones there
giggerota100: will have to check it out

Yashiro16: no Giggerota clips sadly
Yashiro16: but Collector Clips of course
giggerota100: ah we should put some giggy clips on there
giggerota100: will look into that though thanks

MikeAmo: Any idea when your friend in Edmonton will have the second part of the interviews up on his site? *** Is Collector going to be on WGN? Ali and Jon will be at the Vancouver con...Beth is setting up a date and time
brianwhe: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: great about ali and jon love them
MikeAmo: Must step away, but will be back and catch up
giggerota100: will let you know about the second part of the interview
giggerota100: good one isn't it
giggerota100: not sure about WGN yet

kriatian: Gigge ---> hope you get a role in a stephen king movie someday
Shirl: More questions please for Ellen
giggerota100: would love to do a stephen king piece
MikeAmo: The interviews were great...your friend does a great job
giggerota100: yes he is a great interviewer very unique
giggerota100: i think it is on my site now
giggerota100: www.ellendubin.com
giggerota100: any questions guys go ahead

itsAngel: How's your singing coming along Ellen, are you still taking singing lessons?
Shirl: come on people ask away
stevejc790: how many tv programs/movies have you appeared in ellen?
giggerota100: stopped taking singing lessons because the teacher got busy coaching John Travolta and michelle F for Hairspray but hope to study again
giggerota100: thanks for remembering
giggerota100: have to do some more singing and then post some songs
giggerota100: not enough steve but enough
giggerota100: need to do more
giggerota100: never counted though

itsAngel: oh yes, would love to hear you
Yashiro16: Ellen, do you have any pets?
giggerota100: over fifty
itsAngel: Have you ever wanted to do a musical?
giggerota100: no pets would love a dog but I am on the road so much it would be so unfair
giggerota100: did musicals
giggerota100: when i first started

itsAngel: oh yeah, what did you do?
giggerota100: no no nannette fiddler on the rood sweet charity
giggerota100: west side story

itsAngel: some classics, how fun
giggerota100: yes alot of un
Veyron16: wow
giggerota100: great fun
Els38: *PART* Left room.
stevejc790: Is that your picture on the other chat room that crashed?
giggerota100: and my fave a choruls line itsAngel: Were you one of the girls kicking your long legs in the air and singing?
giggerota100: i think it is white shirt and jeans on a fence - my natural cowgal look without the hat
giggerota100: yup kicking my lims yup

itsAngel: hehehe
giggerota100: hee hee hee
Yashiro16: XD
giggerota100: had a great time doing that show but hurt myself
itsAngel: aww
giggerota100: tried to get brian d to come on
itsAngel: I know your ballerina story, you still have that poise
giggerota100: but didnt' hear back from him
giggerota100: patricia z couldn't make it she is in rehearsal for a show not sure which one

Yashiro16: Brian Downey's badass
giggerota100: rolf is shooting in germany today or he would have joined us too
itsAngel: Brian is still on the road I believe for a couple more days
giggerota100: all send their love
giggerota100: yes I think brian is travelling

CheshireKa3: There is a really bas storm comming, if I disappear you'll know hwat happened
giggerota100: or I know he would surprise eveyrone
itsAngel: Last we heard was a couple weeks back he was in Santa Fe
giggerota100: ok cheshire be carful
giggerota100: yes that is what i heard
giggerota100: he is a trip that boy

itsAngel: Thought maybe he'd stop in and see Bailey in vegas, but BAiley hasn't heard from him
Yashiro16: storms are fun to watch, but horrible to get involved into
itsAngel: yeah across the us
itsAngel: same here cheshire, storming out
giggerota100: be careful guys
Els38: *JOIN* Entered room.
Veyron16: ah we need these afternoon thundershowers to beat the heat though
kriatian: Hank williams first nation is that movie out on dvd in denmark
itsAngel: yeah here too, very hot and humid
giggerota100: not sure about the movie- i did the tv show that was a spinoff of the movie
giggerota100: i will email the producers and let you know
giggerota100: it is a great movie and a wonderful show
CheshireKa3: I can't wait to see The Collector
giggerota100: what city are you in cheshire?
CheshireKa3: Denver
itsAngel: You are great in Napolean Dynamite, such a very funny movie, I'd love to see you in another comedy
giggerota100: ah hopefully next fall
giggerota100: I started in comedy on stage
giggerota100: I love comedy love to do a sci fi comedy like galaxy quest

CheshireKa3: good thanks
giggerota100: giggerota was a funny character too even though she was a villain as was queen and pope
Yashiro16: Question: Which LEXX cast member you worked with in another series; that you didn't interact or work with in LEXX?
itsAngel: Oh yeah, that was a hilarious movie, you'd make a great commedienne
Els38: Left room.
giggerota100: will let all the US fans know on my site
milesteg1000_2: *JOIN* Entered room.
milesteg1000: *JOIN* Entered room.
itsAngel: Giggy had some great lines though, I most especially love 'Waste of skin'
giggerota100: thanks its angel- I consider myself an all around actor comfortable in both drama and comedy
giggerota100: waste of skin ,skinny sleeping meat Els38: *JOIN* Entered room.
Yashiro16: "Waste of Skin"= Best LEXX insult ever
giggerota100: loved the lines too
itsAngel: hehe
itsAngel: I use it to describe most men.. *wink*
Yashiro16: oh and Mantrid's Insult to Brizon was awesome too
milesteg1000_2: Skinman.
giggerota100: I worked with Patricia Zentilli bunny in another show
milesteg1000_2: Which one?
giggerota100: called the jane show in toronto but we didn't work in the same scenes

sabeanqueen: Mantrid and Brizon were hilarious lol
giggerota100: never worked with anyone else would love to
Yashiro16: I know
itsAngel: OH is the Jane show still filming?
Yashiro16: I noticed something
giggerota100: you are bad its angles love it
giggerota100: jane show got cancelled

itsAngel: heheheh, it's so true, Ellen, so true
Yashiro16: Mantrid's real body is a disembodied head in a jar, and Giggy has a nice healthy body
giggerota100: good show no money for promo Yashiro16: but when they both died.....
itsAngel: * aww, it did? I didn't know it got cancelled, I haven't talked to Patti for awhile.
Yashiro16: Mantrid has a healthy body, and Giggy became Queen who had her head on a machine
giggerota100: yes but giggy had a head on the back of her costume did yo unotice that
Yashiro16: ironic, no?
kriatian: What sort of meat was that blue and green stuff lexx made
giggerota100: lots of intersting body references
giggerota100: i think it was gelatin or something like that
Veyron16: soylent green
itsAngel: Brian said sometimes rice pudding
giggerota100: yup soylent green
itsAngel: it sure looked nasty though
giggerota100: yes rice pudding too
giggerota100: i didn't get to eat that
giggerota100: i ate gross gelatin or sponge toffee
giggerota100: funny thing was to talk and eat that stuff at the same time

Yashiro16: I like Gummi Worms Smile
giggerota100: thought i was going to throw up
giggerota100: wish it was gummi worms

itsAngel: You really were a trooper, especially when you were filming as Queen in Germany in that hot water tank.
Veyron16: theres always room for brain jello
giggerota100: ah you heard that huh
kriatian: Winegums
sabeanqueen: Is it difficult to act infront of a green screen?
giggerota100: yes i always get this parts where I have to be challenged physically
giggerota100: i like it
giggerota100: sabe good question
giggerota100: green screen is fascinating precise work
giggerota100: the floor has to be clean
giggerota100: everyone wears booties
giggerota100: the focus is very precise you have to look at a very appointed spot
giggerota100: no veeringhave to have a great imagination

Els38: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: I would rather work with real people but it is interewsting
giggerota100: they did the whole movie the 300 in greenscreen
giggerota100: yup jujubes

sabeanqueen: Do you watch yourself on TV?
itsAngel: I imagine you have to see in your mind what's coming at you and act basically without nothing, and that takes a very good actor to do in front of a screen and I imagine a great director as well.
milesteg1000: *PART* Left room.
DreamsofKai: *JOIN* Entered room.
Veyron16: its good training if you ever want to be a weather newscaster though
kriatian: What role has paul donovan in lexx i dont remember,I think he had 2
giggerota100: you have to really believe it or the audience will think you are full of it
giggerota100: k = can't remember what he played on screen
giggerota100: yes weather caster very true

MikeAmo: Catching up some...will the Hank Williams Nation series be out on DVD?
itsAngel: Never saw Paul on the screen, Jeff and Lex did different roles though
DreamsofKai: Hi ellen and everyone sorry I'm late couldn't pass up an invite to the beach!
itsAngel: Hi DOK! *hugs*
giggerota100: no worries dreams of kai
giggerota100: did you go to THE BEACH with stanley
DreamsofKai: lol lucky me no
itsAngel: hehehehe
stevejc790: was there a lot of acting in front of a green screen in lexx
MikeAmo: I have to be away ... I'm at an indoor picnic...99 out (36 C)...Shirl, will you have the chat posted somewhere later?
giggerota100: yes a good deal especially in suspened scenes - flying in the air etc.
giggerota100: *MSG* hugs to you mr mike

MikeAmo: And Ellen, I finally saw Swarmed last week, lol
giggerota100: want to see you at gencon anyway
giggerota100: ah yes swarmed

MikeAmo: ok, will win lotto...on my way!
giggerota100: did you like my geeky secretary
MikeAmo: Adorable
giggerota100: that turns into rambo!
MikeAmo: That's as good as me with a weapon
MikeAmo: Smile
giggerota100: yes fun stuff
MikeAmo: Will look in again if I can...take care {{{all}}}
giggerota100: so another half hour
Els38: *JOIN* Entered room.
giggerota100: hi els
kriatian: *MSG* In supernova tim curry play poetman, A weird gentleman
giggerota100: *MSG* yes I wish we got to work together
Els38: thanks having issues with this piece of junk lol
giggerota100: *MSG* I did work with mr rocky horror though barry bostwick that was cool
ICKLESCULLY: arent you always
Els38: indeed
CheshireKa3: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: *MSG* he is great as thodin ICKLESCULLY: *MSG* Do you havea favourite genre to work in?
giggerota100: *MSG* love all genres- but love the combo of sci fi and humour
itsAngel: I'm glad they brought you back in season 3 and 4, and that they did that with the other actors as well. It was hilarious having a Pope Giggy, it looked like you were having fun. [/color]giggerot100: I had a blast - very unusal in sci fi history to do that
giggerota100: they had me play similar traits even though I looked th esame
giggerota100: wild crazy aggressive traits all stuck through all the characters

giggerota100: even though queen and giggy and pope looked so different costume wise
itsAngel: yes, and I've seen Brian's behind the scenes Thailand footage and you were joking and having fun off camera too, that was great to see how much of a good time you all really had, brings alot more humaness to the show.
Yashiro16: Bunny? As In Wabbit? Playboy, Easter Bunny?
giggerota100: yes it doesitsangel.
Yashiro16: I love that line
Shirl: Please get your questions in to Ellen as she has to go soon !
kriatian: Do you own some things from the set of lexx
giggerota100: Brian is really a fabulous actor to pull that part off for so many episodes
giggerota100: you cared about this doofus this nerd

itsAngel: yes you really did, he was the epitome of humaness and human frailties, desires
Yashiro16: Ellen, which love-slave/cluster lizard did you like better?
giggerota100: K - I have popes ring pope's head and i have a poster and one of the few 790' head- you are all the first to know this and tons of pictures I took that people still haven't seen =hopefully will find some time to posst
Yashiro16: Zev (Eva H) or Xev (Xeina S)
giggerota100: pope's visor
Veyron16: wow, great
giggerota100: yes you do its angel
Yashiro16: Xenia*
giggerota100: yes one day may sell them
itsAngel: CheshireKat has some of your pope costume as well, that's great you were able to keep some of your costumes.
giggerota100: someone bought giggy's costume
Els38: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: and brought to TD last year and had me sign it
giggerota100: i was very chocked up about that

stevejc790: why did the original actress for zev leave the show?
giggerota100: ah that is right
kriatian: Gigge do you like farscape the series
Veyron16: yeah i rember that moment
itsAngel: yeah, I was there when you signed it, I was working the fan table, that was a great story you gave about it
giggerota100: eva left the show to pursue other work that is what we heard
giggerota100: love farscape

Yashiro16: stevejc790, Eva left LEXX because of her show scheduling problems
giggerota100: going to gencon with some of the actors we will be hanging together
giggerota100: eva and xenia are both beautiful in their own way and brought a completely diffeernt take on xev and zev
giggerota100: ah yes itsangel
giggerota100: i may want to buy that back one day

Shirl: Is there a TV show or film you like to be in??
giggerota100: don't know where pope is though
giggerota100: and i don't know where the queen headdress is't
giggerota100: think the german artists who created it kept it all
Veyron16: i think the pope is in denver?
Yashiro16: Ellen, do you like playing Video Games?
kriatian: Shirl are you in family with ellen Smile
itsAngel: Yeah, Denver, CheshireKat has quite a bit of the costume
Yashiro16: I really wish a LEXX video Game would be released
giggerota100: love to be in Heroes shirl Battlestar, the 4400 and I dont know why Stargate hasn't hired me now have to get on atlantis
Shirl: lol
itsAngel: I have to go, bad lightening, great to chat with you Ellen! Love and hugs to you, take care!
giggerota100: y , I don' t play video games - not that i don't like them but in my spare time like to hang with family and friends
Veyron16: that would be great for Stargate
Shirl: Bye Angle
giggerota100: take care as always itsangel you ar ea joy
itsAngel: Smile Bye everyone
itsAngel: *PART* Left room.
stevejc790: do you keep in contact with the other actors from lexx?
Yashiro16: Ciao Angel,
giggerota100: thanks veyron
Shirl: *MSG* Or Angel
sabeanqueen: Bye Angel
giggerota100: yes I do steve
giggerota100: brian and xenia and patricia and rolf online

ICKLESCULLY: I have to go shower, ill still be around but quiet so if this finishes before I get back thanks so much for chatting with us Ellen and thanks Shirl!
giggerota100: dont' have Michael's email but saw him last year at TD
kriatian: Xenia has a baby right
Yashiro16: yeah
giggerota100: your welcome ickl
Shirl: Byee Luce
Veyron16: wondering if Xenia will be able to come back to a con someday
giggerota100: yes a gorgeous baby
giggerota100: i hope she will
giggerota100: it is hard for her to get out
giggerota100: she came to timeless last year veyron

Veyron16: yeah....heh heh i remember
giggerota100: bye luce
giggerota100: with her mom and baby

Yashiro16: Smile
giggerota100: we had a blast together
giggerota100: the only show that i keep in touch with everyone
giggerota100: isnt' that great

Veyron16: yes they are such a beautiful family
giggerota100: and sometimes i email lyekka = louise w
MikeAmo: Back...bye Luce...I remember the guy bringing Giggy's otift...I'll have to see if I have a picture somewhere from that
giggerota100: she is great
giggerota100: out of the biz

Shirl: Times running short last questions to Ellen please
Veyron16: shes got a restaurant now i hear
MikeAmo: Jave to go too...y'all have a great night
giggerota100: yes she has a restaurant
Yashiro16: Louise is married now, right?
giggerota100: haven't tried it yet
giggerota100: yes louise is married too
giggerota100: she is lovely
giggerota100: bye mike
giggerota100: ask away have to go soon guys

Veyron16: darn are there any single lexx women left?
giggerota100: nope
Yashiro16: xD
giggerota100: hee hee hee
MikeAmo: lol...Jave=Have (edditur blunder)
MikeAmo: *PART* Left room.
sabeanqueen: How about the guys then? lol
giggerota100: i think MM is single
Yashiro16: Ellen, do you watch an old TV Series called the Adventures of Sinbad?
giggerota100: but haven't talked to him thi syear
giggerota100: I know the show Y
giggerota100: seen a few episodes
giggerota100: why?
stevejc790: did everyone try out the toilets on lexx
Yashiro16: I love that series
Yashiro16: especially season 1
giggerota100: good show y
Veyron16: I thought you were great in the one Relic Hunter episode, even though your role was serious in an otherwise silly series
giggerota100: never tried the toilets
Yashiro16: Maeve and Rumina were the best points (and Rumina's an awesome villainess, IMHO)
giggerota100: thanks for remembering that
Yashiro16: the toilets are eerie xD
giggerota100: i was a nasty gal who hated her brother
Veyron16: oh i love that series actually
giggerota100: yes i was very serious in a very silly ep
Yashiro16: saw Bad Carrot yesterday
milesteg1000_2: *PART* Left room.
giggerota100: ah bad carrot very funny and sick Shirl: Only 5 mins left people
milesteg1000: *JOIN* Entered room.
giggerota100: have to go soon
Yashiro16: aww
giggerota100: so thanks so much to you
giggerota100: please ask any more questions you have

Yashiro16: well....
kriatian: Do you have kids
DreamsofKai: Did anyone ask what projects you have coming up before I came in?
sabeanqueen: Thanks ever so much Ellen, it's been lovely to 'meet' you, my first time in a chat room too Smile
Shirl: Your last chance
milesteg1000: No questions, I'd just like to wish you and everyone else the best of luck. And just let everyone know that my article on Lexx appears in Strange Horizons tomorrow.
giggerota100: if you think of something else after the chat you can email me to giggerota100@aol.com
Yashiro16: One Final Question: what is your favorite Planet in LEXX (from both Light Universe and Dark Zone)
giggerota100: great
giggerota100: what link milesteg

Veyron16: thats great mile, hope to read that
giggerota100: ah great sabe= nice to meet you too
Shirl: Ok everyone please thank Ellen for coming
milesteg1000: I'll put it on the site when it goes live tomorrow. (As my editor likes to call it.)
giggerota100: dark zone because that is how it started
giggerota100: great

Yashiro16: and we live in the Dark Zone
milesteg1000: Thank you very much for coming Ellen-and thanks for helping make Lexx all the more special.
giggerota100: please or email me at giggerota100@aol.com and shirl can post too
giggerota100: thanks for you guys
giggerota100: and being patient

Yashiro16: Ellen, it's an honor to chat with you
giggerota100: wanted to stay and make sure you got your questions in
Yashiro16: and Shirl, thanks a bunch for moderating and hosting this chat
Veyron16: Gencon looks like so much fun, those that can go will sure to enjoy it
giggerota100: please try and come to gencon and again you can go to my site or the message board
kriatian: Ellen put some sound pics from lexx on the website
Yashiro16: I want a Giggy poster so badly
giggerota100: thanks shirl
giggerota100: will do that when i have time k
giggerota100: great idea

Veyron16: thanks Shirl and Ellen for so much trouble, it was worth it to visit!
giggerota100: I should make a giggy poster
giggerota100: will let you know

Yashiro16: awesome
Shirl: Thanks for coming Ellen and thanks for being so great about changing rooms
giggerota100: y if you email me your email addy at giggerota100 I will let you know when that is done ok?
giggerota100: your welcome shir
giggerota100: you are a fabulous woman
giggerota100: hope we get to meet one day

stevejc790: nice to meat you ellen, Im off to bed now, as 5;15 am in australia, good luck with your career
giggerota100: meat meat to you steve
Kai_lotbg: Thank you very much Ellen
Yashiro16: one day it'll be quite the honor to meet you Ellen
Yashiro16: in person
Shirl: No thank you Ellen Smile
giggerota100: love to meet you all in person
giggerota100: take care guys

Yashiro16: in the flesh xD
Yashiro16: you too
Shirl: Byee Ellen
giggerota100: bye all have to go and have dinner with my parents
giggerota100: bye

Yashiro16: now I have to return to play Final Fantasy XII
Veyron16: Take care Ellen, bye
giggerota100: *PART* Left room.
sabeanqueen: Take care Smile
DreamsofKai: *PART* Left room.
Yashiro16: so ciao, adios, farewell and sayonara everyone
Yashiro16: take care
Yashiro16: peace out
Kai_lotbg: bye everybody
Yashiro16: and farewell Smile
sabeanqueen: Nite all, off to bed now (I'm in the UK). Thank you Shirl for setting this up Smile
stevejc790: bye all.
kriatian: Nighty night

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