Timeless Destinations Ellen Dubin interview transcript
28 May 2006

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Janika: Below is a transcript of Timeless Destinations' interview withEllen Dubinon Scifi Talk with ©Tony Tellado. I did not get permission to print this, nor is this my site affiliated in any way with Timeless. I am posting this interview for those Lexx fans who cannot download a 44 minute podcast or are hearing impaired. I am making this transcript myself-- it is not copied from anyone else. I searched Scifi Talk's podcast pages for a link to transcripts and never found one, so here you go. Sorry you can't hear all the laughing going on, this was a fun interview to listen to.

Intro by Brian: This is BrianDowney. I play Stanley H. Tweedle on the Lexx. The Lexx is the most powerful destructive force in the two universes. Please tune in to Scifi Talk, because it's one of the last good things on this stupid type 13 planet.-Ugh!-

Tony Tellado: Hi, this is Tony Tellado. You know, the words "It's always a pleasure" are always misused in the entertainment business. But in this case it actually doesn't put into words how much of a pleasure it is to really speak to this fine actress, Ellen Dubin, who we've really been talking to since 2002 when she appeared on the last episode of Lexx. I consider her one of my Canadian friends that work north of the border on these great shows that we cover here on Scifi Talk. Ellen's been very busy working on a couple of TV movies which we'll discuss, and also her upcoming appearance at Timeless Destinations, once again being on stage and also this time a special reunion with her fellow cast members from the television series Lexx. It's always fun to talk to Ellen Dubin. Here's our conversation.

TT: I really want to say that it was really nice to have met you last year at Gatecon, which is not gonna be Timeless in Vancouver. It was great. It was really a nice pleasure, and the added pleasure was also being on stage with you and all those lovely ladies.

ED: Actually, that was the most successful forum of allof them, Bill said, and I actually think we should do a couple of them or make it longer. The fans really, really responded to that forum about women in scifi and their roles.

TT: Yeah!

ED: Yeah. Well, also lookat the moderator-- two to tango here! I'm serious, and likewise, meeting you, too, because you'veinterviewed me over the last couple of years. You were actually my first scifi interview, so you never forget your first, Tony.

TT: There you go. There you go.

ED: There you go. So, no, it's been such a great pleasure to keep continuing our interviewing as we growand mature. Orimmature. ~chuckling~

TT: I think immature is probably better.

ED: It is better. We must always be children, Tony, we must always be kids.

TT: Oh, boy, that's right how you really keep that, orelse you lose it and you turn into an old person.

ED: I agree.

TT: And you don't wantthat to happen.

ED: Definitley, no.

TT: Well, I guess we have to talk about the big news, what wejust heard. I'm sure you've heard of it by now. It's all over, you know, especially the Collector mailing list and everything. It was just announced in Variety that her in the United States we're going to be getting The Collector!

ED: Yay!

TT: Wow, it's about time.

ED: I am so thrilled, and so are the fans. Yes, it was announced just yesterday, which was May 22nd.

TT: Right.

ED: The Collector, it says-- The actual headline is " Collector calling". The fans are so excited because they've been hearing about this for so long now. I've been dying for everybody to see it, so I'm thrilled that it's gonna be in the U.S.-- fall 2007.

TT: That's what we hear. You know, ithasn't been announced yet, but I have afeeling, knowing here in New York who the local players are, it's either gonna be one of two choices, or actually maybe three possibly, either our FOX affiliate here or some of the others.

ED: And they do a good job of promoting shows, correct?

TT: Yeah, they do a pretty decent job. It depends when they're gonna air it, because they've been known to stick shows like this like after midnight sometimes.

ED: That would be a tragedy, so hopefully they will have better placement for the show, so we'll keep in touch and I will definitely let the fans know when this is going to be, because I know every one of them is dying to see it. I've been getting emails throughout the year wanting them to see it, because this is such an intriguing subject.

TT: Yeah! We did see some clips at Gatecon last year, and that was like the most I've ever seen of the show. So I was like, Oh, wow, this looks good, and I wanna see more, you know.

ED: Our producer likes mystery, Tony.

TT: Yeah.

ED: You know, in a way I can understand for a show like this that he wants to withhold the plot and what's gonna happen, and also it makes it more special if you don't see a lot of it when it finally does come out, and that's why people were asking all over the world when are you gonna get a dvd release of The Collector.

TT: Yeah. Absolutely.

ED: It probably worked in his favor not to release it for the U.S. so it's not 'out there'.

TT: I think it actually will create a buzz in syndication, and I think people will definitely go tuning in. I think the fan buzz itself is going to generate a lot of interest.

ED: Exactly. I agree.

TT: And they'll draw some new viewers, too, hopefully, so yes, I think it's a great, great thing. I think it's great for you, too, you know, to see you on a regular basis here in the U.S.

ED: I think it's time.

TT: Absolutely!

ED: Yeah! I hope!

TT: So the wish list for some of the other shows, it's better to have you here on a more regular basis and to see you guesting on some other shows that had been on the wish list that you and I always seem to dream up every time we talk.

ED: You know, I think it's going to help.

TT: Yes!

ED: I really do. I agree, you know, visibility no matter where it is doesn't hurt, but the U.S. is the prime market. Every little bit helps, and I'm just looking forward to having my face-- my mug on the television screen here in the U.S. We'll see what happens. I'm thrilled that I'm getting letters from Australia now that the show's airing there and New Zealand. All our Scifi Talk fans all over the world are starting to see some of the episodes. I LOVE accumulating new fans!

TT: Absolutely! Well, the nice thing, too, about it is-- I had a great opportunity to speak to Ali (Matheson) and John (Cooksey) who are the producers of the show, and creators, really.

And it was justa real thrill to speak to them. It's available as a podcast, and they'd go through a lot of the episodes, and it's actually a nice primer for those who-- especially as the show draws to air, because that's gonna be there for a long time, so they can actually listen to that as well and kind of get an idea what the show's about.

ED: I've done a lot of scifi shows and a lot of different kinds of shows, and I don't think I've ever yet met somebody up here that was so passionate about a show, they're like proud parents, every episode is-- you know, they know every word, they know why they wrote every word, and actually when we did the show, everybody was very word perfect because they were so proud, and actually most of it-- 99% of it worked-- actually almost 100% of it worked because they put so much love and care in watering this little plant that they made, and they were really specific, but in a way it was great. Instead of somebody going, Oh, we'll just figure it out, it was really nice to have producers who really knew what the show was about and what they wanted, the direction they wanted their characters to go. So I am very grateful, and I'm very happy that they've worked so hard to get this show here in the States, that it worked out for them. They deserve it, that's my point.

TT: Ali, I know, comes from a wonderful lineage, her father being the great Richard Matheson, who I had a chance to talk to and interview, which was a real pleasure for me.

ED: Wasn't that a treat? I mean, you know, very few people are left from that generation, people who are the forerunners.

TT: Yeah.

ED: Yeah, he's amazing. Actually, Ali and I are getting together for dinner in Los Angeles this weekend.

TT: Oh, nice, nice!

ED: Still keeping in touch, yeah.

TT: Well, that's great. Well, you know, I was very lucky because I can certainly-- I've talked to three people like that, besides Richard. I've talked to-- I've met Forry Ackerman, who really has been there for a long time, and also the late great Harryhausen, who was a boyhood idol of mine. I put Richard in that same class because there were all part of the same generation that came along at the same time and really were the fathers of what we are enjoying in our modern age of scifi in tv and movies.

ED: And all of them so ahead of their time.

TT: No doubt about it.

ED: Definitely.

TT: Pioneers all the way. There'd be no CGI or computer animation without Ray's work with stop motion, I mean, it's just no doubt about it, and Richard's stories-- you know.

ED: Blue Anthology Syndrome-- you know, that was very different. Everybody copies it.

TT: Yep. Twighlight Zone, and of course movies like Incredible Shrinking Man, and then I Am Legend, which actually became The Omega Man with Charleton Heston.

ED: Yes.

TT: Yeah. He's an amazing man. He's still going strong. He was at the party for the dvd for King Kong, and he's still going strong, you know, kidding around with everyone. I wanna grow old like him, I think.

ED: Yep. Yeah, sharp as a tack, right?

TT: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. What's gonna be nice about Timeless that's coming up, and of course you're gonna be there, and I think what's really neat is, I think really for the first time in a long time there's gonna be a Lexx reunion, and I think to have all of you together there in one place is really something special.

ED: Do you know what is amazing to me that when you say Lexx reunion, I feel like I should be 70 years old because it's like you hear about these reunions of, you know, the old shows, and I'm going-- Am I old enough to be in a reunion show? But it's actually the 10th anniversary reunion of Lexx.

TT: Wow.

ED: I just got an email from a wonderful fan in New York saying that they are, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Lexx, they've offered all these different merchandise items on a special website of Lexx.

TT: How nice!

ED: You know, buttons and tees and totes and steins and hoodies and caps and tote bags, and in celebration of it an artist designed special logos for the 10th anniversary of the show. So it's still going strong, and actually, I don't know if you know this-- we now have a huge fan club in Bulgaria.

TT: Bulgaria! How about that?

ED: Yeah, Lexx has come to Bulgaria, and just recently about six months ago I got this wonderful email from this woman who started this huge fan club in Bulgaria, and they have-- every couple of weekends they get together and dress up and just reminesce and discuss episodes, and they're still behind, so they don't know what's gonna happen.

TT: Right, right.

ED: So it's interesting that in Timeless Destinations con we're having a reunion, but for some countries it's coming on for the first time.

TT: Yeah, that's right.

ED: It's sort of, it's an interesting-- what's the word-- it's just sort of a beginning and an end, but it still feels like a beginning, so the reunion is gonna be great, yeah.

TT: Yeah.

ED: I mean, I still keep in touch with almost everyone via email.

TT: That's nice.

ED: We really became a close-knit family, this crazy show of ours.

TT: When the interviews I did this year with Brian_Downey and also Michael_McManus -- what was great is, I got a lot of comments on the website from Russian Lexx fans.

ED: Yes, we have a huge Russian fan club, too, and now and then we go online and do a Russian chat, probably twice a year.

TT: That's nice!

ED: And oh, it's fabulous! It's interesting that this humor, which is so wacky and not everybody's pace, seems to translate into some of these countries that you wouldn't think would like it, but you know what, I think it's great! It's great that they're getting this sick sense of humor.

TT: Yeah, absolutely.

ED: Maybe they're smarter than we are, I don't know.

TT: Maybe!

ED: But I think it's fabulous.

TT: Yeah, that's just awesome. You know, you can't predict what it's gonna be like until you actually see it, but when all of you are together on stage, I think it's gonna be really something special.

ED: Yeah, I do, too. You know what, I don't know what's gonna happen, but I know it's gonna be a huge rush, it really is. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody in person.

TT: Talking to Michael, he hasn't seen everybody in actually more than just a few years.

ED: I haven't seen Michael since we shot in Thailand-- Apocalexx Now-- the final episode of Lexx (note- actually episode 4.20, but the last to wrap), so I am actually really looking forward to seeing him. We ALL are. He's the biggest mystery of Lexx, you know, he's always been kind of more private than all of us in terms of showing up at these things, but we're really looking forward to having him there.

TT: Got a lot of nice comments about his interview, yeah, it was really good. Well, Brian's was, too, for that matter.

ED: They're both really intelligent men.

TT: Yes.

ED: They really are. We actually had an incredibly smart cast of very well educated sharp people.

TT: Yeah! Brian's interview was all over the place.

ED: Oh, I believe it he's crazy.

TT: We cover every subject under the sun.

ED: I believe it!

TT: We didn't stick to topic at all. It just went all over the place.

ED: Shall I tell you about recipes now? No, I'm just teasing.

TT: Well, if you've got a good one, then..

ED: Uh, yeah, put the toast in the toaster and press the button down.

TT: Yeah, that's my favorite so far. I'll tell you, I'll go with that one.

ED: And open the peanut butter.

TT: Yeah, there you go.

ED: And spread the peanut butter, and that's my recipe for happiness late at night, there you go.

TT: No jelly? I mean, you know.

ED: Well, yeah, sometimes, but sometimes I run out, so you know, in a pinch, or if you don't have bread you just take the spoon and dip it in. I don't know if you're a crunchy man or a smooth man, but...

TT: I like smooth and crunchy.

ED: Me, too. I'm a, you know, I don't discriminate.

TT: And the good thing about peanut butter, it lasts forever.

ED: It does!

TT: It really does.

ED: It really does, especially if you get the extra-- I call it the extra strength jar.

TT: Yeah, there you go.

ED: So, there! We're off topic.

TT: Yeah, that's fine, that's fine.

ED: It's a new mini series, a scifi series called The Peanut Butter Kid.

TT: The Peanut Butter Kid, yeah!

ED: It's about a peanut butter-- a big monster that takes over the world.

TT: Exactly.

ED: But actually, you know what, stupider things have been done, so you never know.

TT: Oh, yeah! Yeah, you're right about that. And they probably will be done.

ED: Hey, listen. Anybody listening to this and they want that idea, you have to come through us, ok?

TT: That's right, that's right.

ED: A registered trademark-- Tony and Ellen.

TT: You got it! And Ellen starring.

ED: Oh, well!

TT: You're attached.

ED: I don't know, maybe the Puft-- now it's reminding me of that Puft thing from Ghostbusters, you know, the Stay-Puft man.

TT: Oh, yeah. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, yes.

ED: Yeah, maybe he could star in it.

TT: Yeah, maybe he can be in it, yeah.

ED: Was that Rick Moranis?

TT: He was in the movie, yeah.

ED: I don't know who the Puft guy was.

TT: No, he was a um... He wasn't CGI, they didn't have CGI then, but he was kinda like a special effect.

ED: Yeah, he was.

TT: Rick was...

ED: Marshmallows and peanut butter now, Tony.

TT: Yeah, I know, I know, it's getting weird.

ED: There you go. See? Brian Downey just came into my brain.

TT: Yeah, I think so. I think we're channeling Brian right now.

ED: That's right, we are.

TT: See, his influence is felt even to this point. It's really amazing.

ED: Definitely. Definitely.

TT: What is nice about Timeless, and I really got a kick out of this for, um-- I don't see this as much at other conventions-- are the photo sessions with the, you know, with the fans and the actors. And I think that's really cool, because you're really creating a memory ofa lifetime, you really are. It's something you can take with you all the time. And you guys are just, you're super, I mean you treat these fans like they're your buddies, and I mean-- well, they are, in a sense.

ED: They actually are, you know, and I'm not b.s.ing this. I think it's very unique to this convention, and that's actually one of the reasons I like doing it, because it gives you one on one private time with the fans, and they'll ask you questions, or they'll tell you about their life. It is amazing how-- what's the word-- how open and vulnerable these people are. I mean, they talk about the scifi world and movies and television, but they also tell you about their cats, their kids, their families, you know, everything. The one on one is a very interesting time, and then they get to know you and tell you what they like, and I think it's very special. It's actually one of the highlights for me last year, so another thing I'm looking forward to. Thanks for bringing that up, I forgot about that.

TT: Sure, sure! Last I heard you were shooting The Wives That He Forgot, a tv movie?

ED: I just finished this movie with the Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald.

TT: Yes! Yes!

ED: Molly's making a comeback, she was actually just in "Medium" about a week and a half ago on NBC.

TT: Oh, good for her, good for her.

ED: And this (new movie of Ellen's) is one of those Lifetime movies, a thriller, about a man who has amnesia and forgets he has two wives, and they come back after he's been hanging with Molly's character, and I play Molly's wise-cracking fun best friend, and it was very interesting to work with an icon, a 1980's icon. It's my second because I did "The Dead Zone" with Anthony Michael Hall.

TT: Yeah, another "Breakfast Club" kind of person.

ED: Exactly. What do they call them, the Brat Pack?

TT: The Brat Pack, yeah.

ED: Yeah, not the Rat Pack, that was Sinatra.

TT: That's right.

ED: This is the Brat Pack. Actually, it's really-- and when I tell people I've worked with her, the reaction has been really strong because so many people grew up with her.

TT: Yes.

ED: And a lot of her movies--I just saw one air the other night-- was, the Breakfast Club was on.

TT: Yeah, there you go.

ED: It's been a very unique experience working with her. I kinda was a little bit shy-- yeah, Ellen was a little bit shy, believe it or not-- I kind of admired her, too, so it was a-- and she's a very hard worker and very disciplined.

TT: Yeah, well, good!

ED: So I really enjoyed working on that movie, and that's not gonna come up for 6 to 8 months, I'll keep you posted on that. I had a great time doing that film.

TT: Well, fans can also go to your website, too.

ED: Yes, it will all be updated on that, that's another way.

TT: So that's a good place to keep up with what you're up to and what's going on.

ED: Exactly.

TT: You are also in-- I think it's pronounced Elle Canada (May 2006, pg. 64, by: Amber Nasrulla, "From Sci-Fi To Psycho Thrillers, Ellen's On A Roll"), is that right?

ED: Yes, Elle, which is a big actually U.S. publication.

TT: U.S. publication, yeah.

ED: And they have a Canadian issue with the famous Canadian actress Jennifer Aniston on it-- I'm just making a joke. But it's actually a great issue because if Jennifer Aniston's on the cover, I'm gonna get a lot of people looking at the article, and it's a comment about-- actually, I'm really glad in a fashion magazine that they recognize the fact that I like to change. They call me the long legged chameleon.

TT: (laughing)

ED: Thank you, I like that last-- which is interesting because, you know, in The Collector you're playing more yourself, but I have been known for changing my look, and people always say-- the article was about how I'm recognizable on the street even though when you see me and go Wo, she's tall and striking-- this is quoting the writer, I don't talk about myself like this-- and, you know, a beautiful woman-- this is the writer, not me-- she said Well, why don't people recognize you that much? I said Well, because I'm more of a chameleon type actress, and she said There's very few women that go that way, and I said You're right, it's not as common. More men, you know, the Gary Oldman of the world do that more than women, you know maybe Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, but very few women actresses, if you think about it, do it. I don't know if it's because the opportunities aren't there. I mean, this might be something for a forum for scifi actresses to discuss this summer.

TT: Yeah?

ED: So that's what the article focused on, and I was very pleased in a fashion magazine that, yes, it was about, you know, being a pretty woman, but it was more about the talent and the fact that I like to change and I don't mind getting down and ugly. Which is really great that a fashion magazine would do that, that they'll actually go in that direction.

TT: Oh, absolutely. Well, I will definitely agree with the writer, as that you are striking in person.

ED: Thank you.

TT: And I think what impressed me was-- you know, you realize seeing you and everything as much as we saw each other during the convention, it was like you know, the pictures don't really do her justice, I mean, you have to really see Ellen Dubin in person to really realize how beautiful she really is.

ED: Thank you, Tony! I'm still coming in to this look, you know, I'm not your standard kind of look, but I think, you know, some unique producers will recognize it, and then that's the people I want to work with, you know. I'm not your standard pretty girl, but I guess the uniqueness will probably help, you'll get the interesting role. So I'm still playing with that. We all take our time growing into ourselves.

TT: Sure! Sure!

ED: I appreciate that, that was very sweet.

TT: Well, it was no smoke or anything, it was the real thing.

ED: Thank you.

TT: I was really impressed, I was like Wow, you know. It's like yeah, she definitely looks like an actress.

ED: Thank you.

TT: So it was great, and that was one of the highlights of the summer to really meet all of you, I mean, the whole-- You know, I sent Bill (Wanstrom, CEO TD 2006) an email and I said, You know, I came up there, and I really feel like I have friends in Canada now.

ED: Well, you do, Tony. We actually, I mean, again-- boy we're all using smoke, I think this is our third smoke today--

TT: (laughing)

ED: You are one of the few interviewers who know what he's talking about-- this is a comment on interviewers-- but you really research us, you know our careers-- listen, I'm gonna phone you when I need to remind myself what I did five years ago-- and the way you link things together, and it's just-- it's very astounding and very appreciated, so I just wanted to let you know that.

TT: Thank you. Thank you very much.

ED: You're welcome. That's all you're getting, cuz your head can't get any bigger, can it?

TT: No, no, believe me. I've got things to bring me down to earth, believe me, don't worry about that.

ED: Ah, we all do, and that's what's very important.

TT: That keeps us human, you know?

ED: Exactly!

TT: Now, there was something I actually wanted to talk to you about the last time we talked. I saw you in a magazine layout that I think was kind of like a Canadian version of a little bit, right? Am I right?


TT: Yeah, and I'm like, I'm looking at it going Is she wearing her hair differently?

ED: Oh, you know, this is, again-- I found this hilarious to do. They asked me to do it and I went *oh God*, so I took it on as, you know, I think a lot of the girls take it on as a modeling assignment. I took it on as an acting assignment.

TT: There you go.

ED: I thought, Ok, I'm going to play the sexy babe that I laugh at every time I go by a newstand.

TT: (laughing)

ED: And, this is how I approached it. Too bad you don't have the outtakes of the session, a videotape of the session, because the fans would die of laughter. I mean, I literally imitated poses that I see in magazines, and I am a dancer, so I'm very comfortable with my body in terms of moving and stuff like that, so that wasn't a problem. The photographer didn't have to tell me, you know, she didn't have to tell me too much to do, but we were laughing so hard. I mean, I'm not gonna name names, but I go Here's my pose of mmm, or here's my pose of mmm, or I would spoof it, and then, you know, we would get the right one in between. But I had them do-- we went from absolute girl demure next door to little tafetta, little ballet skirt, to you know, raunchy broad on the beach, you know, with the water flowing and the white shirt, you know. I just, I went through the gamut. And I actually had planned it-- I do a lot, like my acting work, I do a ton of research when I do magazine stuff. I laid it out literally seven, I had seven different looks I wanted to do, and put together outfits, and it was a lot of work, I mean I spent a lot of time researching this, and you know fans say Well, Ellen, you know, if you're such a-- I got this one from one woman, sort of a feminist, and she said If you're such a true actress, why would you do something like this, and I actually phoned her because I was a little bit upset with it, and I said You know what, you have a point because I do actually make fun of women who do this kind of stuff. But when I told her that I did it as an acting assignment and that it was nothing that I was upset about, and you know, I kept my clothes on and I actually controlled the whole thing, she was fine about it after when she knew where I was coming from, that it wasn't something like, you know, I want to get more men-- I mean, yes, I do want to get more male fans to love me, sure, but it was just more about having fun and the fact that I really played a role as a sex symbol. You know, if you ask me tomorrow, you're going to be playing the role of a sweet little housewife in a shoot, I would do the same thing. And that still comes back to the chameleon thing. I know that's a weird approach, and I think most women who do sexy layouts wouldn't tell you that, but for me that's exactly what it was. I was so-- I knew what I was doing.

TT: It was very classy and very tastefully done.

ED: Thank you.

TT: I really liked it. It was like Oh, you know, we don't see this side of Ellen.

ED: That's another reason why I did it, because people-- I mean yes, people know me as an attractive woman, but I really thought You know what, I've played so many down and dirty. I mean Giggy is not exactly-- she's sexy in a different kind of way.

TT: Yeah, yeah.

ED: And The Collector was a very straight forward woman who never relied on any sexuality at all, her brains only, and I thought You know what, this is fine, because this is not-- I think if I was playing a part like that throughout the last two years, I wouldn't have done it. That's my point.

TT: Well, there you go.

ED: So I like to go the opposite.

TT: You know, besides the tv movie, you've been doing the audition routine?

ED: Um, I just wanted to mention one other tv movie that's gonna come out on Lifetime in the States called Murder in My House around June 12th, and then it's just gonna continue throughout June, and that's with Barbara Niven and Gary Hudson and Daniel J. Travanti's comeback.

TT: Oh, yeah, yeah!

ED: Which is why I did it, so it's funny because I've now done a comeback movie with Molly Ringwald-- I feel like I'm the comeback person, encouraging their comeback-- and Daniel J. Travanti, who-- I have one amazing scene with him, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him on.

TT: Oh, good! Good!

ED: And he was on "Prison Break" last week.

TT: Yes, he was.

ED: So he's coming back, and he's an astounding human and a great actor, I-- OH...

TT: Oh, yeah.

ED: I'd love to do a series with him. And you know, he again-- it was the Hill Street Blues that was a show that was the forerunner of all the shows that are going on now of that ilk.

TT: Yep, absolutely.

ED: So I just wanted to tell the fans that that's coming up in June for them to watch.

TT: I'm glad you mentioned that, that's awesome. He's great, I mean, all those shows-- they've been releasing a Hill Street on dvd, and you know dvd's--

ED: Oh, they have now? Good.

TT: Oh, yeah, those shows are like finding new life as a dvd. It's great when they go back and they talk to the people involved, too, like years later, and get them in front of a camera and have them reminesce or do commentary.

ED: Yeah, I love that, too. Yeah.

TT: So I think that's great. Yeah, that's great. I'm looking forward to that. I'm glad that he is, that he's still acting. I've always respected him as an actor.

ED: And that's also a kind of a thriller as well.

TT: Oh, good, good.

ED: Yeah, the Lifetimes have been doing thrillers. Swarmed is still coming out through the summer, the "bee movie" as I call it.

TT: Yes.

ED: So there's a lot of-- Ellen is on Lifetime all over the place.

TT: And with Michael Shanks, of course.

ED: With Michael Shanks, yep, and All Around the Town with Michael Shanks is still airing on Lifetime throughout the summer, so you can get your "Stargate (SG-1)" and your Stargate wanna-be girl.

TT: (laughing) Actually, I don't know if you heard this, but when I interviewed Michael recently, I said Yeah, Women of Scifi Calendar , sounds interesting. I said You know, I really know somebody who would be perfect for your calendar, and he goes Oh, yeah? And I go Yeah, Ellen Dubin would be perfect, I know you know Ellen, too, so I mean it would seem like she'd be a natural for it.

ED: (laughing) What did he say?

TT: Oh, he liked it, he thought it was-- he goes Yeah, I've heard that, people say-- you're not the first one to have mentioned her, and I said--

ED: Yeah, I'm sure Bill has, too. Listen, for him I would do a calendar, you know, and I think Chris Judge is also involved with it, too.

TT: Yes, he is, yeah. We just spoke to Chris about that, he actually photographs it.

ED: Oh, well, there you go! And now that Michael has put Lexx in, you know, we have that over with so we can move on to the next girl.

TT: That's right! Actually, what's really neat is a lot of the ladies are actually very involved in the planning of their layouts, too, which is, probably which the biggest difference these days as like in the 50's when those kind of pictures were taken, it's like the ladies are actually very involved, and kind of pick a theme or a character that they like.

ED: Yeah, that's great.

TT: And actually, he's just spoken to Katee Sackhoff from "Battlestar Galactica" who's interested and she is planning something really cool according to him.

ED: See, that way we can have fun and play a character.

TT: Yeah, absolutely.

ED: And still be sexy but classy and be cool, which is what I really like, yeah, I hope that they do it again because I'd love to do it for them.

TT: Oh, they are gonna do it again.

ED: Great!

TT: I think that they're gonna have more than one, so I put in my good word, too, so...

ED: Thank you.

TT: So, absolutely, you'd be a natural for that. Is there like anything else that besides the Lifetime films that we can watch you in coming up?

ED: There's now-- I know this isn't a scifi thing, but there's a lot of scifi fans who love Napoleon Dynamite, it's now going to rerelease, actually a new dvd of Napoleon Dynamite that has added scenes, which I have been in some scenes, I don't know if I'm in it or not, but it's gonna come out sometime in the next month. It was a huge announcement in Variety and Hollywood Reporter that it's coming out with new scenes, new commentary, new merchandising-- this is the little movie that keeps on ticking.

TT: It does, it does! I really does.

ED: So, I know that there's a lot of crossover fans who love this movie, so I just wanted them to be aware to look out for this, and it's very very exciting to be part of something that started off so tiny and has become a huge, huge success. I love stuff like that.

TT: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

ED: I definitely do.

TT: I know that he's making-- the movie's making the rounds on the pay cable circuit right now.

ED: Yes it is, it's been on I think HBO, Cinemax, it's all over the place, and I get tons of emails about this movie still, for quoting stuff and buying clothes still with the logo, and the merchandising is huge. They haven't made a doll of me yet, which is good.

TT: (laughing)

ED: But, it's very interesting to see dolls of some of the characters you acted with in the story, you go Wo, this is weird.

TT: Yeah, it's gotta be strange.

ED: But, hey, I love success stories when people are quote-unquote nowhere, or nobody, and then become a huge success from just working hard and having a fun funky script. That to me is really really fabulous.

TT: Oh, yeah. Those are great stories.

ED: Yep. So it's been an interesting week, you know, with these couple of movies coming out, and the Napoleon Dynamite rerelease, and the Lexx reunion, and then of course The Collector, so it's been very exciting, and I hope in the next week or so I will have a very good announcement for the fans about maybe a new series, which will-- it's time for a series like this.

TT: Oh, good!

ED: And it would be in the same genre, in a supernatural scifi genre.

TT: Oh, great!

ED: We just-- all of us auditioned last week all over Canada, in the United States, and they've expressed interest, but in the meantime I don't like to announce things till it's signed, sealed, and delivered, but the fan hopefully will have something to look forward to, and of course Timeless Destinations I hope if people haven't been and they hear me speak on Sci-Fi Talk, they can come, because there's still some room, and we would love to see you there, answer your questions in person. And Tony will be there, too!

TT: Yes, I'm gonna-- it hasn't been totally confirmed, but I am working very hard to get there.

ED: Well, I'm working harder now to get you there. I just put all my feet in my mouth, both of them.

TT: No, it's ok.

ED: I mean I think it's great, and I really--

TT: I really wanna be there, no doubt about it.

ED: And the good thing for fans, I mean when Tony brought up before about the photography thing is that basically you really do get one on one attention. We do not disappear.

TT: No.

ED: The only time we disappear is to go eat or go to the bathroom, but even when we go eat in the restaurant, most of the time people join us.

TT: Oh, yeah, yeah.

ED: So it's a very hands-on get to know you kind of convention, which is great.

TT: Very rare! Very very rare. It has like, um-- I don't know if intimacy is the right word.

ED: Yeah. No, yeah, yeah, you just took the words right out of my mouth, I was gonna say it's got an intimate feel, you get to know the actor and vice-versa, we get to know the fans, and you feel like you're getting-- I mean, a lot of fans spend a year's worth of their money, or they save up a year, get babysitters, spend a lot of time and effort to get to Vancouver for this-- we want to give them their money's worth, and their time's worth, and I really do believe that they deserve it.

TT: The other factor involved is, after being there last year and really falling in love with-- I fell in love with Vancouver-- it's such an incredible city, you know, and the air is absolutely amazing.

ED: Come breathe beautiful air, and you can talk to us and have great restaurants, you can see-- the lands are beautiful, the sea, the seawall, forest-- it's gorgeous.

TT: Yeah, I mean if you've got a good eye like I do, as far as locations and stuff, you can walk around the city and say Oh, Dead Zone here, The Collector here, maybe, and stuff like that, you'll recognize some locations.

ED: Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, exactly.

TT: And they're all shot there. Smallville, too.

ED: 4400.

TT: Yeah, "The 4400".

ED: That's my new wish list, by the way.

TT: I've never taken you off of that one! I want you on that show, no doubt about it.

ED: Thank you, Tony! I've been starting to watch that.

TT: Oh, it's a great show, yeah.

ED: Wow! It's good.

TT: Season two is on dvd coming out real soon.

ED: It is?

TT: Yep, for people to catch up.

ED: Ok, good, because I've missed a couple.

TT: And that's-- I've watched season one. I was totally enthralled with it, and season two is coming out, and season three starts in June.

ED: That is a well-acted show.

TT: And look for Ellen Dubin, by the way folks, in Dead Zone. It's coming out on dvd in the season your episode is on.

ED: Oh, great, great! I had a wonderful time doing that show.

TT: So they'll be able to see you. And Chris Kramer's in the episode, too.

ED: Yeah, weird coincidence, huh? He was an autistic boy and I play a mother of an autistic boy in The Collectors. It was a very weird scary episode.

TT: Yeah, a little Twilight Zone there, you know?

ED: Exactly, the Twilight Zone and the Dead Zone, a lot of the Zone theme.

TT: A lot of Zones, yeah.

ED: That's very cute, Tony, I like that.

TT: Yeah, but that's something to look forward to, that's actually a season that-- I've seen the first two, so I need to catch up on the next two.

ED: It's a wonderful show.

TT: Summers are always good because you have the-- all the shows are done, and USA brilliantly releases new seasons of 44 and also Dead Zone when there's no new tv on.

ED: I love it!

TT: So it's like ok, right, Galactica's over, everybody's on hiatus-- you know, Stargate's being shot now, and they're shooting all the other shows for the fall, so it's like these guys were shooting probably, I would say probably at the beginning of the year and then when the other shows were airing, so they're like in a different schedule, but they'll be coming out, and boy that's gonna be cool to see what they're doing, but yeah, 44 would be great.

ED: And Battlestar, of course.

TT: Battlestar, yeah!

ED: I'd like tofight it out with Tricia Helfer "Comic Sans MS".

TT: Yeah, absolutely.

ED: I think it would be great, I really like her as a person, and it will be fun to play with her.

TT: Yeah!

ED: She's really good on the show.

TT: You'd be interesting as one of the Cylons on the show, I think.

ED: I agree.

TT: I think you could bring something to it, you know?

ED: I think that's a very good idea. Boy, it's a very well acted show, too.

TT: Boy, isn't it? Well, I mean Fulvio Cecere was in there!

ED: Yes! God, he's a wonderful actor.

TT: And boy, talk about the character that he played, oh what a slime! I mean he was just, he was horrible on that show.

ED: A true test of his wonderful acting ability.

TT: Oh, yeah. I mean, you know, if you know him, you know that he is light years away from this guy.

ED: Exactly. He's a great actor.

TT: Oh, he is.

ED: Yeah, he's very strong.

TT: You know, he didn't have a lot to do, but what he did was very dramatic and you know, he had to set up-- if he doesn't set-- you know, a lot of times , I've said this many times to people-- an actor doesn't get a lot of time, screen time, but what they have, you know, it can literally turn the plot on a dime.

ED: You're right. You are so right. And a lot of actors go Oh, this is not a very good part, and I say You know what, you never know. You just show up, you'd be surprised what you can do.

TT: If they don't do their job, the scene falls apart and credibility goes out the window, and the audience won't buy what's going on the rest of the episode. Even though we don't see that actor again, their performance is memorable in another way that hurts. But if they do a great job, like he did in that sequence, it sells what is going on and then the actions of the other characters are justified, based on what he did.

ED: Exactly.

TT: It's like a domino effect, really. It really is important, so there-- what's that line-- there are no small part?

In Unison: There's no small parts, only small actors. Exactly, exactly. (laughing)

TT: There you go. I knew we'd get it right!

ED: Uh, yeah, we were just together, we needed to do a domino effect together there.

TT: (laughing) Exactly, exactly. So, we can look forward to you on dvd and the movies as well and also of course, for fans to get a great opportunity to meet you in person, if you haven't already done so, and then speaking from my own experiences, you know, seeing you on stage, and also you did alot of really cool things with Andrew Jackson, who............

© Janika

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