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Interview with Marty Simon
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Soundtrack Review
A likable collection of music from the darkly twisted science-fiction show.

Dateline: Saturday, December 9, 2000


From Sci-Fi channel comes LEXX, a darkly twisted science fiction series that has been dubbed `Star Trek’s evil twin.` The show, aided by a vast canvas of CGI effects, chronicles the adventures of a band of misfits who inadvertently steal the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes—an enormous, living and sentient insect genetically modified for space travel and planet destroying capabilities, who goes by the name of Lexx. From GNP Crescendo records this month comes LEXX, the soundtrack, an inventive and very likable collection of episode music by Canadian composer Marty Simon.

Montreal-born Simon’s musical career ranges from jamming with such musicians as Jimi Hendrix and doing session work with Mick Jagger and Eno, to composing dozens of soundtrack scores for film and television since 1987. Simon’s soundtracks include GEORGE’S ISLAND, which won best film in 1990 at the Chicago Festival of Children’s Films, and LIFE WITH BILLY, which won a Canadian Gemini Award for Best TV Movie in 1994. Simon was nominated in 1996 for a Canadian Gemini Award for Best Musical Score for a series, for the All-American Production of SIRENS.

With more than 68 minutes of music, the LEXX soundtrack consists of 28 cues from 17 episodes, plus alternate versions of the synth-laden guitars of the LEXX title theme modified for seasons 2 and 3. From the rhythmic tonalities that create motion and purpose (`Prince to Lexx`) to the soaring piano and synth melodies softly duking it out against the harsh chordal synths of `A Walk in the Desert,` from the manic `dance-mix` version of the main theme in `Wild, Wild Lexx,` to the darkly malevolent rhythmic keyboard ambience of `Lyekka` (which segues into a cheerfully barnstorming country hoe-down tune, `Potato Hoe`) and the engrossing classicism of `Into the Garden` with its touch of harpsichord, flute, and baroquian texture, Simon’s LEXX is a creative and varied soundscape.

Among the most interesting techniques in Simon’s musical repetoire is his use of vocals, both as a chanting riff for chorus in the main title to the absorbing design of the female vocals, which tie in with the seductive and enigmatic personality of the character of Zev/Xev (a mutated love slave with equal parts supermodel and lizard DNA, and an attitude). The female chorale reverberations of `Angel Song,` are reminiscent of Delibes and evoke quite angelic if slightly more seductive visions. `All He Wants is Sex` provides patterns of fluidly tonal vocalism over a burbling mix of synth and sax, while `Galley` is for layers of solo female voice over piano and rhythmic synth and percussion, and `Xev’s Dream` is a moody rhythm track for female voice over piano and bass. Highly compelling.

A few very brief snatches of dialog (announced by the headstrong 790: `Never Let anybody on board the Lexx!`), rather than detracting from the musical enjoyment, oddly congeal with the varied textures to create a very appealing collection of music. Even if you’re not an avid fan of the show, the music of LEXX is worth seeking out. There’s a wealth of musical creativity going on in some of these cable-TV science fiction gems, and LEXX is certainly among them. Have a listen.

LEXX: Music by Marty Simon. GNP Crescendo Records.


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