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Слова некоторых песен из сериала LEXX

Fantasy Dance

K: Zev!
Z: Kai! Your...
K: Alive!
Z: ...Alive
K: And I want you
K: I'm alive
Z: Your alive
K: So alive, and now I, forever
Z: Forever
K: And ever
BOTH: Will love you
K: Forever
Z: And ever
K: And ever
BOTH: Will love you

Divine Predecessors' Ditty
Stanly Tweedle defiled by fate
A martyr for his generation.
Sweaty probes were forced into him
Such pain such humiliation.
But now he's the captain of the Lexx
On an intergalactic tour.
Still he dreams at night
Of the time of his life...
In the playpen of Feppo and Smoor.
  Стенли Твидл, запятнанный судьбой,
мученик для своего поколения.
У него были вставлены потные зонды.
Какая боль, какое унижение.
Но теперь он капитан Лексса,
в туре по галактикам!
Он все еще мечтает по ночам
о том времени, когда посетил
любовное гнездышко Феппо и Смура.

Stan's Revenge
Stanley Tweedle is a god
A warrior and a gent.
We are not fit to suck his feet
Or dine on his excrament.
At night we croon
By the light of a moon
Of his courage and his creed.
Hey ho there he goes
Oh woe for his foes
Long live the Tweedle seed.
Stanley, Stanley,
Top of the hero class
Stanley, Stanley
We live to Kiss his Ass!
  Стенли Твидл - это бог,
воин и мужчина!
Мы не годимся даже для того,
чтобы лизать его ноги
или ужинать его экскриментами.
Ночью, при свете луны,
мы воспеваем его мужество и силу.
Вот он идет, борец со своими врагами.
Да здравствует семя Твидла.
Стенли, Стенли,
герой первого класса.
Стенли, Стенли,
мы живем, чтобы целовать его в задницу,
именно в задницу!!

Pattern Song

Sweet sweet shapes,
sweet sweet shapes,
Thats the key thing, right right.
Feed feed face, feed feed shapes,
But who is the king tonight?
Who is the king tonight?
Pattern is the thing, the key thing-a-ling,
But who is the king of pattern?
But who is the king, the king thing-a-ling,
Who is the king of Pattern?
Bog is the king, the king thing-a-ling,
Bog is the king of Pattern.
Ba bu-bu-bu-bu bu-bu-bu bu-bu
Bog is the king of Pattern.
  Сладкие, сладкие формы
Сладкие, сладкие формы
Это самое главное.
Корми, корми лицо,
корми, корми формы.
Но кто сегодня король?
Форма - это вещь!
Главная вещь!
Кто король формы?
Кто король формы?
Пугало король!
Король, корольчик!
Пугало король!
Пугало - король формы!

I am Kai, last of the Brunnen G. Millennia ago, the Brunnen G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilisation. The Time Prophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the Divine Order and the League of 20,000 Planets. Someday, that will happen - but not today. As today is my day of death. The day our story begins.

I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. I was grown on the Cluster, which is ruled by His Shadow. The food was good there.
My captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him. Stanley used to be a security guard class 4 on the Cluster, until he became a fugitive.
He is my captain now because he got my key from heretics who wanted to steal me. But he was the one who took me away.
Stan was helped by Zev of B3K. She was made into a love slave as punishment for failing to perform her wifely duties, but things went wrong. Now she is part Cluster lizard, so sometimes she is not a nice lady. A robot head, 790, got part of the love slave transformation that was meant for her.
He is in my crew too. Because she is a love slave, Zev likes men except for Stanley Tweedle. The only other man on board is Kai, last of the Brunnen G, but he is dead so he can't make Zev happy. 2000 years ago, Kai's planet was destroyed by His Shadow and all of his people were killed. They kept Kai's body and used him as an assassin, but he got his memory back from a Divine Predecessor and then he became part of my crew. The Time Prophet said that Kai would destroy His Shadow's order.
But that will be hard because his protoblood is running out and he must stay inside a very cold box. My crew are afraid of His Shadow, the ruler of the Light Universe.
His Shadow wants me back, and he wants his Divine Predecessors back too. But he especially wants Kai destroyed because he is afraid of the prophecy. Zev, Kai and Stan don't want that. They took me beyond His Shadow's reach through a fractal core into the Dark Zone, the universe of evil and chaos.
And now we are looking for a new home.

I have killed mothers with their babies. I have killed great philosophers, proud young warriors and revolutionaries. I have killed the evil, the good, the intelligent, the weak, and the beautiful. I have done this in the service of his divine shadow and his predecessors. And I have never once shown any mercy.

© LEXX - LIGHT ZONE 2007 HELEN & Trulyalyana

Что-то было
Что-то есть.
Все идет своим чередом.
Что мы видим сейчас
Что случилось до нас
Все вновь повторится потом.