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1 Rated LEXX - His Divine Shadow

I am the Lexx
I am the most powerful weapon of distraction in the two Universes.


This is a prisoner transport. That ugly thing going by right now. And I am a prisoner on it.

Prisoner Transport 58K603 you are past the Frontier. Commence your revival sequence

That’s me, right there. I know, I know I don’t sound like a girl but it’ll all make sense later.
And this is the Cluster. It’s the seat of justice for the League of 20 000 planets. Anyone who gets charged with any type of crime gets sent here. And as far as I know no one has ever come back.

HIS SHADOW: Shadow, I gather you

The Cluster is ruled by His Divine Shadow. He’s a weird guy with a lot of serious problems. Nobody likes him. But they certainly all fear him.

HIS SHADOW: Predecessors, forgive me for my pride. Predecessors, this sacrifice I make for order. This sacrifice I make for you.
Shadow, take my body

This is planet B1B. Nothing special about it really. Except that it was where I - Squeezed Pimmel - lived until I got sent to the Cluster for justice. I worked in a bar near the top of that building. B1B was a vacation station for clerics in the Divine Order. Here’s me again. I was a production line girl, one of the millions who was alike who has nothing but day after day of unpaid hard work on planets all over the League. I didn’t have a past and I didn’t seem to have much of a future. Tending bar on B1B was about as good as it was ever going to get for a girl like me.

Transcription - Lunatic

2 Rated LEXX Stan

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Что-то было
Что-то есть.
Все идет своим чередом.
Что мы видим сейчас
Что случилось до нас
Все вновь повторится потом.