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LEXX Rated 5 - The Lexx

I am the Lexx
I am the most powerful weapon of distraction in the two Universes.


790: They didn't know it, but Kai was also on board the LEXX.

KAI: I know that sound
DP: But you cannot remember it, as you do not remember who you are I am Kai, last of the Brunnen G
DPS: The prophecy is upon us!
DP: The Brunnen G are no more. You are animated flesh that kills as His Shadow instructs
KAI: You were once His Shadow. You killed me
DP: You may have recovered your memory, but you are nothing. You have no willpower of your own
KAI: Wrong I have the willpower. You have given it to me

790: Kai got his memory back from a dead Divine Shadow's brain. Then Kai killed His Shadow. But His Shadow's evil essence escaped.

KAI: Thank you
ZEV: You're welcome

790: Kai joined up with Zev and myself and the security guard. And we became the crew of the LEXX. His Shadow's evil essence returned to the Cluster. But Zev and Kai didn't know that and they went back to the Cluster to look for protoblood to keep Kai alive. Or more precisely - dead alive.

ZEV: Is this the mortuary?
KAI: My home, for 2000 years. These drawers contained myself and thousands of other assassins like me, all kept in a state of living death by protoblood Looks like all my undead comrades have taken a walk
ZEV: Where to?
KAI: They have been cleansed, I assume.

790: Zev did find some protoblood. But then the Cluster really started going to pieces.

790: Zev! Hurry!

790: They didn't know that His Shadow's essence was really insect essence passed down from Divine Shadow to Divine Shadow by means of a special kiss. The essence had now return to a giant insect that have survived the Insect Wars and had been secretly growing inside the Cluster for thousands of years.

790: That, dearest, would be the GigaShadow Right
ZEV: OK, Lexx - faster, as fast as you can go

790: But we escaped through a fractal core, the doorway into the other Universe - the Dark Zone, the Universe of evil, chaos and depravity. The Giga Shadow tried to get through the fractal core after us. But it was destroyed.

KAI: Welcome to the Dark Zone
ZEV: The Dark Zone?
STAN: We're in the Dark Zone?
ZEV: So, what are we supposed to do now?
KAI: Perhaps you should find yourself a home
STAN: But the Dark Zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness and...
KAI: My ancestors came from the Dark Zone. I was taught that although there are not many good planets, there are some. Perhaps you should find one
ZEV: You mean, we should find one. We're together in this
KAI: I'm dead. I have no future

KAI: The protoblood will not sustain me for much longer. Be certain of your need before you choose to reanimate me. In the Light Universe, I have been darkness. Perhaps in the Dark Zone, I will be light

790: And here we are. Still in the time-space anomaly where you're not stupid and I know who I am.
LEXX: Perhaps we should tell the story of how Zev died but then was reformed look a different body and became the equaly perfect new Zev.
790: I don't think we should. And since we're in a time-space anomaly I'm not even sure if|that's happened yet! And, LEXX?
LEXX: Yes, 790?
790: I think we're now leaving the anomaly!

Transcription - Lunatic

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