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Interview with 790


I'm a robot, ok? I am a robot. I am a robothead. I am a program, that's what I am. And my program is dedicated to Zev.

790: I will love you forever

I'm afraid that I might lose Zev, you see, I mean one of the issues there is that I'm not exactly mobile. I mean I am just a head, I mean I'm. I'm a good head, I'm... I'm a great head. I'm... I'm the best head that anyone ever had and my head completely belongs to Zev. But I mean the fact is: if she walks of across the room it's not exactly most of time like I can even go and follow her.

790: Zev of B3K, don't leave me. No-one will ever worship you like I do.
XEV: See ya, lover boy!

Of course being the incredibly hot piece of love goddess that she is.. I mean everybody wants her. We go to all these planets and there is always men there and they always want her and she does have some. she does have some love slave programming that... that gets in the way!

The utterly useless, totally incompetent, incredibly repulsive, completely cowardly, absolutely abominable Stanley H Tweedle is unfortunately in fact our captain.

Why do I have such contempt for Stanley Tweedle? I mean... Have you seen him? I mean... Have you met him?.. Have you got close enough to smell him? I mean... the man... he's... he's this withered skin bag I mean he's old, he's ugly, he stinks, he's incompetent and - most importantly - I know what he wants. Above all things he wants Zev. And he can't have her.

XEV: I know exactly what I am looking for in a man.
STAN: Oh, yeah?
XEV: Yeah. He needs to be tall.
STAN: Yeah...
XEV: Handsome.
STAN: Yeah...
XEV: And... dead".

But the body I want, the fantasy body, would would be of course one that she deserves.

XEV: I think I want one of those.

I think you know... a rifled abs, some nice packs and... and down below. If I may be blunt, I think we're talking hung like a camel.

Transcription - Lunatic

Interview with MM

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