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Interview with Brian Downey


Well, the relationship between Stan and the other characters has developed since we first met them on the... on Cluster. Kai remains rather neutral.

KAI: I asked you if you wanted me to be the enforcer of justice. If you’d said “yes” I would have killed the grand prosecutor and then I would have killed you, Stanley

Stanly I think over the course the adventures has come to realize that there’s probably not much chance that he and Xev are gonna get together in that special boy-girl kind of way.

STAN: Xev - we've been out here forever, I need some love!

Basically 790 is there just to insult Stanly.

790: The utterly useless! And please, get lost and never come back.

Stanly wants to avoid danger.

STAN: But the Dark Zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness and!..

He wants to seek things up that are physically satisfying. He wants to have a... comfortable place to sleep, good food and accessible women.

VOICE: Livliner. We’re wide open to anything
STAN: Lexx, did you get those coordinates?!

When Stanly doesn’t get laid, he gets overlaid. Lexx takes things very very as children would. There was an occasion in series two when Stanley is demonstrating the Lexx’s abilities or talking about the Lexx’s abilities and how he and only he can control the Lexx.

And in that all Stanly says:
STAN: Lexx, blow up that planet!
LEXX: As you request
JUNIOR: Hot damn!
STAN: Oh no, not again

Lexx is a pretty dumb bug.

Transcription - Lunatic

Interview with 790

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