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Interview wih Les Krizsan

Director Of Photography LES KRIZSAN

Well, the look of the series was never really established, but originally was called LEXX - THE DARK ZONE series, so our director basically wanted everything to be quite dark, and the thing is: you still have to see images I mean if you're shooting in a dark cave there is a little joke going on: where does the light come from? You're shooting in "a very dark cave... and the most say: "well, comes from the same place as the music."
The green screen, it's of... it's... well, far as the whole effects in movies, it's the most marvellous thing because you can have an actor standing in front of green screen and you can put any kind of background from desert to you know they can be standing in the middle of Niagara falls and you think the person is there, it's just so real. I mean, looking a television or movies you don't know anymore what's real and what's not real. The visual artists take over and they are the ones who, you know, complete the show and when we see it, it's like: WOW!
You know, this is kind of neat, you know, because, with the green screen it's just nothing, you're just playing all green. Film crew is really fastening in a way because there's usually about 70 people working including caters and.
There're so many people in the studio, and it's like little bit hive, and it's just, you know, feeding the queen bee type of thing and... I kind of like the way the crew has melt together and we may not see each other for couple of years and there's always a new face but it's really need to come to work and then, you know, everybody's like enthusiastic about it because every day is different, you know.
Combination of the crew and the director is a... we're having different directors, and it's kind of nice to work with them and come out with a show and somebody said: that turned out pretty good.

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Interview with Michael McManus

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