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Interview with Michael McManus



Kai... what he really wants - is a picture that he has in his head, I think, of a pattern, that to him makes sense, and to me makes sense... Is to find these two dysfunctional people some kind of home where they can be safe.

STAN: But the Dark Zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness and ...
KAI: My ancestors came from the Dark Zone. I was taught that although there are not many good planets, there are some.

In terms of him representing light in terms of Lexx representing light the Lexx crew in any way representing anything to do with visionary light or darkness, is just like great downhill from there.

KAI: In a Light Universes I’ve been darkness. Perhaps in a Dark Zone I will be light.

And the whole idea of them as people, as if they should just have a nice home, gave their life, grow old, maybe if they end up separate, maybe Zev will have little kids who hopefully will be human enough and not cluster lizards, and Stan may go and open a restaurant or something...

Does he have the philosophy? No.

KAI: Who would you like me to kill?

KAI: I’ve killed mothers with their baby’s, I’ve killed great philosophies, proud young warriors and revolutioners, I’ve killed the evil, the good, the intelligent, the weak... And the beautiful.

Rather than emotional reactions, he has affinities. So he may not suffer with the people.. if he is approached with violence, then do some violence in response. Again, it's a vaguely delayed sort of reptilian response to something coming at you, and if something's very sweet or nice, like a nice young babe, it s a much gentler kind of response, because he is approached with gentleness and now they see counter gentleness, so it s like an affinity I think that's happening.

Lexx had always been an interesting gink: it s been exposure to a very interesting group of people. And the travel is nice. And the people who work on Lexx, there is always you know something up with this television series sleeve.

- We need for a different background...

With all these interesting people swerving around and the great ideas and everything like that. And some real opportunities to get to the interesting stuff, and like any ongoing television series, although it s the only one I ve ever done, you ve got to be a bit robust, you always have to have your enthusiasm cranked up, because there is a lot of repetition in it too.

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Interview with Jeffrey Hirschfield

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