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Interview with Paul Donovan



Its a reaction to a… to a… you know, a lot of very dull sci-fi, you know, in a sci-fi world there is very where the story that takes themselves quite serious and I couldn't do that.

And the other stories like the original "Alien", John Carpenter's movie "Dark star", I like "Doctor Smith" and "Lost in Space" - they are fusing all these things together into one piece of madness.

Spaceship that used to be shiny and rocket shaped and they all became millhead sort of triangular doors and people who are saluting from the chest... Just so why the future like that? I don't know, if I just let's use something completely different, let's use biotechnology, insects instinct things and everything else...

We want to have characters who have flaws. So one of our characters is dead. its a fairly significant flaw there is to overcome.

КАЙ: You killed me

Stanley Tweedle - security guard - has many flaws too, so he's a normal-flawed human being.

And then we also want to have a fantasy female, so if we are going to have a fantasy female rather than just have her hide the fact that this is a fantasy female. So we've gone total hardcore. She's a love slave. She, you know, wants to get down and to do it all the time. As a guy, that is my fantasy female!

Our characters are not in a "Start Trek" way, I mean, in the story of Lexx we don't have that, we have the normal people who are little bit Nihilist, they are just some sort of “look at what's there!” World exists in their particular continuum and they deal with it. That's it, they don’t have a grand master plan like most of us don't.

Originally when we just start making a series, I mean as the writers, we, myself and the others felt so completely in control of everything what's happen in a story, did not have a life of us own because we decided what happen and what happen. We were God in a Universe. And sometimes things that we whimsically thought of just as passing thing, become very establish that we become married to them, and they were locking in the minds of people all of the world, become part of that reality, and it does take a life of it own.

And the Lexx world is a world that I've made a significant contribution to write. I started the ball roll but i am no longer completely in control upon its rolling, but I can't one hundred percent manage its direction anymore. That's really weird.

Well i don't know if I have a style for telling story, but I do believe that I try to make a type of film that I would like to see. I also think that all of us were influenced by sort of quirky off-the-beat humor like “Mighty Python” and hyperbolic “Hell bell” as in “Get Smart”.

And Lexx has bits and pieces of those cultural influences. And I don't think that is bad thing, and i don't think that i can really help it. I am a productive my times.

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Interview with Brian Downey

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