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LEXX 4.09 Fluff Daddy

King Henry V by William Shakespeare, ACT IV SCENE I


KAI: Upon the king!
let us our lives, our souls,
Our debts, our careful wives,
Our children and our sins lay on the king!
We must bear all. O... hard condition


KAI: Essentially, my work is the fusion between classic [] texts and more declamatory elements of japanese novel(?) Butoh stylings. A reaction against what I perceive as incipient recidivist tendencies in the contemporary theatre scene. Whereas most stage artists are embracing evermore linear, evermore [] evermore.. cinematic templates I chose to redefine for my audience the very notional form, challenging them to extricate meaning from what is admittedly theatrical subject. I’m inviting their participation in the construсtion of erratical new perception based on what I perceive to be tangible expressionists principles.

KAI: Ah.. Show’s over, folks, okay? Bye! Yeah? Just..

XEV: Those people really love to watch you.

KAI: Ah.. The FANS. They’re just confused.
They are victims of our shallow popular culture whose fascination with the artist superseded identification with the art. They suffer opacity of intellectual evolvement and dissociate from any artistic expression not presented to them in a form of a readily digestible publem. I despise them.

XEV: I thought you are really great.

KAI: Greatness is not something what attains. Rather something what allows.
Only through a sustained dedication to the craft and by forsaken the crushing distractions of the material world can one ever hope to become a proper vessel for the truths of the ephemeral plane.

XEV: Is that why you don’t cook the stuff?

KAI: The actor doesn’t cook. He acts.

XEV: So where does the actor sleep?

KAI: I eat, sleep, work, live and breathe here, in this concrete cube called a theatre. Why would I threaten what has already attendetive connection to the muse by residing outside of her geometry? That would be presumptuous! A spit in the face of the creative process.

XEV: Well, I feel a little creative myself.

KAI: (puppy) C’mon ..

XEV: Where are you going?

KAI: To regurgitate my food. It was weakness to eat on the same day as the performance.


Transcription - Lunatic

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Что-то было
Что-то есть.
Все идет своим чередом.
Что мы видим сейчас
Что случилось до нас
Все вновь повторится потом.