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Making of Lexx - Season1 Part1


PD: Im Paul Donovan. This is the world headquarters of Salter Street films, its a production company of LEXX. Im a kind of writer, producer, director, and this is Lex, Lex Gigeroff and Jeffrey Hirshfield, they are also writers on the show. I am standing out here because we agreed to make this show a hundred twenty minutes longer something like that for UK video, but its actually only ninety three, so we are adding additional material in the end. Thats what you are watching right now. But its raining outside, so were going inside. See you!

PD: Ok, were indoors, its dry. Back story on this whole project: about ten years ago around 1985 I directed a film called Def-Con 4 and it was not the greatest film ever made. It was a ugh
JH: A c-grade film.
LG: Pretty great!
PD: Yeah, c-grade.
LG: Ok, dont beat yourself up!
PD: It didnt have that tiny little criminal
Anyway, Def-Con 4 made a lot of money, it sold sixty thousand video units in the US and this was huge to that times. The distributors made a lot of money, we didnt make any money, but we realized may be there is something to this genre. In the show itself there were some good scenes. Most of it wasnt that great. but there are still a few things I personally like even in these days. But it kind of stuck with me that I we I we as a company might want make something science fiction. SO.. and then I get a lot about this stuff, sci movies and tv movies and those things. About three years ago I wanted to make a world war I film, and it cost about 35 mln. Dollars. But I havent got 35 mln. Dollars, so I investigated the way how to make it cheaper using computer animation. Now, this is Canada, and in Canada many of comp. animation programs are normally used in films come from Softimage, Prisms, Discreet Logic, these are the companies that make things like dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or bombers change in Curse or whatever. We took some propeller heads in CG and put them together and shook them up with ideal percent science fiction show. And we made a promo and the idea was to bring this promo to largest buyers of TV programs or specialty broadcasters around the world and see if we can get the money. So this promo is not perfect because it is actually cruder CG, this is three years ago, and we actually didnt have the money to set up a real infrastructure. But you can see this promo right now. And this is what I ran around in my briefcase with the show on:


download promo THE DARK ZONE 26mb

PD: OK, theres the promo, and theres Stanley Tweedle, wearing different costume. People liked it. Now the CG is a little bit primitive, that computer graphics, compared to what we have now. But you knowits not bad. .. And so we needed some people to write the show, so I looked around, in Canada all the good writers have gone to Hollywood, let us face it. So I had to.. ugn.. hook around to what is left and there are some people and they might have had the potential to be good writers but at least I could get them cheap, and thats Lex and Jeff. And theyre like.. lets call them gems in the rough
LG: We are cheap and easy too.
PD: What Id also like to talk about is that Id like Jeff .. and Lex to tell about themselves. Where they came from and what they did before they started working on this show.
JH: well, I came up as an actor, and I did some theatre, I did some kind of special kind of Straaaght Fooord, Straaght faaaawwwrd on the Avon, and then I went to Toronto and struggled to get a day on Jimmy Farm move of the week, and I didnt get that, so I slung fishburgers at some Toronto restaurant, and just before I was to go out and start hooking, paul came behind and gave me a career. So Im forever in his debt.
LG: And the world never knows what they really missed
JH: Yes, thats a pity, I would have made
LG: Next step
JH: I would have been a terrific hooker..
LG: Yes
JH: And I still might. But now I can do it just for fun, you know, not trying to pay the rent.

LG: Well.. and I.. I was you know sort of doing whatever I had to do to survive.. And you know theres no whore like an old whore. And you knowfor me literally I would do such things as murder mysteries, pirate tours, here in Halifax we can have a lot of tourists that want to know about the sea.. so you take like rich Americans and say like: URRRRGH everyone in a buss in an hourthen well cruise the damned water in front of herand you know little French plays and I worked in the radio and did little sort of acting here and there, here and there. But the hooking option was not an option for me, cause look at me.. quite frankly
PD: And then we started writing. So we would go to the beach and you know hand around bars.. and
LG: Fair to this.
PD: whatever and we started working on the overall idea of all this entire series. What youve seen in show #1 picture#1 is all set up. Its introduction of the characters.

PD: We have plans where it goes it is through the fore picture which are kind of a cycle and also beyond. But I can say what we really wanted to do was to make something which had you know a little bit of dirty dozen meet alien or beavis and butthead meet alien.. like I dont watch much that TV, but some people do

JH: Meets highschool hard bellies which is one of my favourite shows.
LG: Sordid and suck
JH: Terrific, fine acting,
PD: And then we kind of like science fiction, and we certainly exercise action, like you know
LG: Skippy costume
PD: Dancing costume science fiction. I like Alien, you know, and
LG: And Stargate.
PD: And I liked Dark Star
LG: Dark stars.
PD: I mean it was kind of cheap good looking, but it was fun. And most of science-fiction I see on TV isnt that much fun in these days. So we wanted to make something that had fun and sort of had some production volume, was a little bit subversive, and had some dark humor

PD: Most shows come from Los-Angeles. Ok, now in Los-Angeles arent that funny, I mean there are lots of smart people down there, but theyre kind of serious
LG: And polite
PD: Well, sometimes polite, not always. So this is a very weird thing, because it is a show comes from Canada, and were on the east coast of Canada, and here people are you knowthey dont take themselves too seriously, because frankly they do not have a good reason to
LG: Well, you know I mean how serious can it really be when we have to get up every morning and club herbs for the breakfast. through the ice, we have to dig a hole in the ice, and I know you british people are very upset about you know the fur stuff but its food for us.thats how we
JH: Yeah.
LG: When you have to deal with that, kind of lovely brutal violence on a daily basis, then are humans what comes out organically?

PD: One thing you may notice in the show that theres a lot of bug stuff
Like we want things to be very insectoid or at least certainly very organic. And part of it is that I always wondered: why is the future you know.. modern? Like modern as in modernism with all these hard angles and flat smooth surfaces? And you know ok. It was the style that was in fashion as the style of future in the 1920s, but why you know everyones got the octagonal doorthing? Are they going to have the octagonal doors in 20 something. I dont know. So we figured it may be they wont. So were in our particular world because of these back story of the insect wars, we have broadened the insect technologies, and of course the insect design. And instead of having one designer, as in a normal show, we have about eight production designers who worked fairly independently. We wanted to avoid the concept of a town all designed by one architect with never a variety of look. I should have mentioned we have an email contact, called if you noticed by the end of the show, www.lexx.com, and under the section called naked money grab we wanted to sell you few things and you to give us your money. But we didnt actually have to have to sell things. You can actually give us your money

LG: If you can just anything really really not food to film the new episodes, but just for us personally, you know, if youve got anything, cash preferably,
JH: Yorkshire puddings
PD: Is there anything weve left out?
LG: Well, weve got the fore movies..
PD: Fore movies?
LG: going up before LEXX which is you know theyve just seen the movies.
PD: OK, the fore movies. Whats the next picture about?
LG: The next one is called Supernova, and theres a lot more sex in it.
LG: Basically.
JH: Never enough, were gonna work on it quite seriously, theres never enough.
LG: Theres a lot of sex, lot of sex,
LG: Theres something like..
JH: Were gonna get Zev in the pit
LG: Exactly.
PD: Now, do we have abything new about Zev, for instance?
LG: Well
PD: Actually that was a set up question.
LG: Well, go (to Jeff)
JH: Did we learn anything about Zev?
LG: yeah
JH: Well, during her love-slave transformation, her haircolour changed. And theres a big mistery surrounding her... how to say well was it just hair on her head? Or where else? Where do people have hair. Where, you know..
PD: Is it blue everywhere?
JH: Is it blue everywhere? This is you know inquiring minds want enough. < >
LG: And all will be revealed. In good time. So. Thats pretty well the highlight of number 2.
PD: OK And what else shall we talk about?
LG: Well, ugh..
PD: What have I missed?
LG: Ugh
JH: What about the title?
LG: Oh, the title. Do you want to know how the show got the title ofof Lexx?

EH: Oh, its getting worse, its getting worse.
LG: The LEXX Files
1: The LEXX files is good.
EH: On my God, oh my God Oh no
1: Lets see that, lets look at that.
2: Joy ride?
EH: Can you see it?
LG: how about how about..
2. Space oracle?
LG: How about Lexx-o-licious?
EH: Its not getting any better..
1: Lexx cycle
2: Lexxo-;icious
EH: Its just a sort of.. were a disaster.
1: Lexx-citement

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