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Making of Lexx - Season1 Part3


PAUL DONOVAN: Hey, thank you for watching Eating P-p-p-pattern. Ok, this is myself, Paul Donovan, I am producer and co-writer, Jeff, Lex, co-writers. Ok. We're gonna talk to you - bring the camera back here
I'm gonna talk to you first about .... we're gonna talk about the show, we're gonna tell you about the actors, we're gonna tell you about how we've brought Brian Downey as Stan, Eva Habermann as Zev and MM as Kai into the whole.

But first of all I'll tell you about our Rainer Matsutani. He's the director, he's half German, half Japanese.

LEX GIGEROFF: Probably not too many access directors left these days but he is at the top of the ladder. If he had a little of Italian blood, but... he likes Italian food so I guess... it's pretty much recovering... yeah...
Ok, so generally so spoken but that means "quiet, please" you know and it's when... that's a great thing about our German director bark commands boil like a... we're not you know, obviously, hands across the ocean - absolutely, that's important.
Oh yeah, Rainer is in episode two "Super nova" which you may remain not have seen but you should have seen... There's a signet of a memory, where he is wearing a brunnen-G wig like Kai does and he is awarding a medal.

JEFF HIRSCHFILED: He is probably have been revoiced so Rainer we love you you're cutest but... It's a great performance.

PAUL DONOVAN: Ok, enough about Rainer, here is what we are going to do: we're going to tell you about Brian Downey as Stan.
So... If you saw the original promo, which is at the end of the picture one in the filial material there's Brian Downey. And I'd worked with Brian Downey in the number of films. He's from this place called Newfoundland.
Newfoundland is this very poor wind-swept rock setting of the East of Canada. Hard clubbing capital of the world. But in Newfoundland there're wonderful people.
And they have a number of fairly good actors - there's no explain that - and good musicians. Brian was sort of living the life of a poor actor in Newfoundland and also going to British from time to time when he actually want to live like an actor who got payed as oppose to the community theatre in the. And I just knew he was a guy with talent but in Canada or in US no one ever discovered him because he didn't live in Los Angeles and so we're kind of thought that he had to be the perfect Stan and so he became the Stan of our show but we didn't realize that he IS Stan.

BRIAN DOWNEY: A, Jesus!!! Dangerous bar here. Dangerous! Dangerous, too. What was that on my shoulder? And your name is... This is a... It's a feeding tube for a very large baby. And these would be the nipple and this is where the pabulum comes out and... no, wait now... vacuum cleaner! It's a vacuum cleaner! What could it be? It could be almost anything. But in fact it's a feeding tube in the galley of the Lexx, the most powerful destructive force Salter Street ever created. Salter Street is gonna rip the world apart.
Name of my character is Stanley H Tweedle. Don't mess with me, I will betray you! It's a difficult character in some ways to describe because the composite... It's sort of like: do you ever walk in the beach? It comes from its parts like all kinds of shells and rocks and you know things like that, seaweed....
That's sort of what Stanley Tweedle's character likes... It sort of, I don't know... Charlie Chaplin but not quite as clownish, like Benedict Arnold, but not quite as traitorous. Stanley Tweedle is one of the drivers of the plot. The plot has beautiful it's a German made. He drives the plot. Simply because he just wants to escape terminal and he really wants to get laid, this guy is in serious need of a good... He hasn't had any in eight years and then he had to buy it... The Cluster is... I know what I need you... oh, you mean for something... ok.. oh, Jesus..
LEX GIGEROFF He is great, he is a terrific guy, he IS Stanley Tweedle. You know, in fact if the show ever cause tense up he will get the job as a security guard probably.

BRIAN DOWNEY: So, Stanley Tweedle is Charlie Chaplin lost in space. I can him doing all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. Somehow in the end you know he's a... absolved. It's a really interesting character because it has... a lot of stuff... enough that I'm comparing.. you know... This directing anyway shape perform. Charlie Chaplin and what he did. There's something of the element of every man. I mean every man has you know some hero, some coward. And this character has elements of that plus despaired need to escape all the time.

PAUL DONOVAN: Michael McManus.
LEX GIGEROFF: (JEFF) Well, you should really... cause you know him.
JEFF HIRSCHFILED: I don't like to talk about that. MM is a... well, he was sort of... he's one of these "artists", right? That's why we don't... one of the reasons why Kai is not a man of many words because if you let Michael go on for any length of time... I mean, it's the stream of you know artistically pretentious oblique that really doesn't make any sense at all.

MICHAEL MCMANUS: This to me... this stuff is a... It's a kind of... It's in the realm of the lyrical satire. I think it's got a really... There're some beautiful things like people flying semiorganic planes like insects and dragonflies. And the Lexx is like an overblown dragonfly. And my character comes from a very romantic culture still lingering somewhere there in the background civilization. And then the idea of the satire or the parody is that each visit to every planet... ultimately when we start visiting planets and things human characteristics are kind of sent up or make fun like in the galleries travels or something else. So it takes place in space and it's space of a future but I think it's attacking things... Dead, yo, I'm dead... And in fact that I'm dead alive and there's one whole movie, one of these movies where one of the big issues is whether I'm dead-dead or dead-alive. I'm in my cryogenic tank and they try to wake me up and I [don't wake up, so they decide that I'm dead-dead so they bury me on the litter surface of the planet Klaagia and it turns that I'm not dead. And the spill from some parasites of the planet... they spilling on me and it's heats me up and I get to wake up and come back and save the just in time... Or sort of saving. My character never quite save the he sort of draws all the fire on himself and he gets slit up into bits and his limbs get cut up and then Stanley Tweedle - the sort of antihero of piece - he just pushes some button and vanquishes the enemy. Just like that. But I draw the heavy fire. But I think that the fantastic quality of the setting in the piece and everything comes from peoples' childhood, children who'd never quite grow up. You know, and I think that's... It sounds actually... bit sounds like an when I say, but I mean it!

JEFF HIRSCHFILED: ...and he's got a good heart too and now finally he has got some money because he was always on me ... But I knew that he was... He had something. And I actually think he does a terrific job as Kai. When you first met him but he's got something else.

PAUL DONOVAN: Eva Habermann. Eva turned twenty by the way and she had a twentieth birthday during the shooting of the show.
LEX GIGEROFF: Happy Birthday... Yeah, there was a big abend. She I think was the youngest person of the set...

EVA HABERMANN: I haven't seen anything like this before on TV and I think it's... I mean, you see the sets, you see the costumes, you see everything it's very original. Right now I'm standing near the orifice. It's the entrance to the Lexx, to the big. So, I am inside of the insect's body right now.

PAUL DONOVAN: Eva did children’s television in Germany. She's not quite an experienced actor but she deserves discovering how to be a half cluster lizard...
JEFF HIRSCHFILED She was a girl and now she is a woman...

EVA HABERMANN: Well, in Germany I've hosted a children show for year. So, that's what I've been doing I've had some small parts in other TV plays, but this is the first time that I've got a lead part in the series. I was a little bit worried because if you shoot with the same people for a longer period then often there problems than occur but here I still think that the crew is very fantastic, it's like a big family, because everybody is just really enjoying what they are doing. For me as the young actress I can learn different things from each director, each director will point at different things to me and so it's a very good experience for me. I am on the Lexx alone with a robot head 790, who is utterly inlove with me because he got the injection I was supposed to get in the transformation I was supposed to be a love slave and... but instead of me getting this injection for falling in love whoever you see first, he got it. So, he saw me first and so he's utterly inlove with me and he does everything I want him to. But of course he is a little... sad, because I don't love him really. I am inlove with Kai, who has been dead for two thousand years and who has been like the chief hitman for His Shadow and he has no wants, no emotions, nothing, but somehow he cares for Stanley Tweedle and me because we are his friends, we are all trying to escape from His Shadow and from the evil insect ruler. And Stanley Tweedle... he is a sweet loser. Just everything he does goes wrong. But he is quiet loveable. Everything in all the series is just weird. I mean, already that we are on the lexx which is an genetically ulted insect is already weird because this ship has also needs and needs to eat and always does things on it's own, so everything is pretty strange about the whole thing.

PAUL DONOVAN: And then, there is Wist, it's played by Doreen Jacobi.
LEX GIGEROFF: And she is a... ha-ha... well as you can tell you know that... about the lovefit that she was wearing... We had a lot of problems working on the set with that because it distract the crew, we were easily distracted. Rutger Hauer could not focused, it was a mess...

DOREEN JACOBI: It's made of leather and it's very comfortable as you might have noticed eventually. I don't actually know what I am supposed to tell the story but someone else was supposed to play the part and she broked her leg and then... so here I was... and I had no idea what was gonna happen with me. When I went to the audition which is like month ago it's just sounded like an interesting project cause I like science-fiction and it was the first science-fiction offer I actually got so I thought I might just will take my chance. And... I read the script and the script was fine, it was... different and so it was very interesting for me to work for those people and it's fun... it's fun working here. He's a good actor, he's a famous actor but I don't see him as Rutger Hauer I just see him as somebody I have to work with. And of course it's easier to work with someone you get alone with.

RUTGER HAUER: A Bog.. he is a character and I love him but I love all my characters. If you in a traditional sense... this is very much of a fairy tale and it's very extreme. This is fairy wicked and dark sense of humor I'm sort of thinking my character is adverse menace who pretends to be something else but it doesn't really matter that much. Its comes out all the time you know who's the real character there. I mean the unreality of what we do to me is the best part. He has nothing to do in life.

JEFF HIRSCHFILED: Ok, so... 790. The only thing I want to say about that is you know Lexx got the series named after him so I grabbed the robothead. Yes, he grabbed the robothead and we will show you... Can you notice the similarity... Look at these lips. If you could get closer… I think this is mine profession. If you're going for plastic surgery, right, I think, go all the way don't cheap out on it because you know, this...

Where're the women? Where are they? Where did they go? Come back, come back!
I'm trying to keep it animated. Is the eye blinking? And now I just make, the same kind of movement. In any conversation my eyes are always gonna be moving.
Code access denied, buttercup. All access denied, except of the gates of my heart.
Oh, I will love you forever!
Oh, darling... It's not quite in the script, but a little improvisation here...
It's not a number one here anyway!


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