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Making of Lexx - Season 3

The series began as four two hour made for TV movies. The success of the movies spawned one hour episodes.
Now in its third season LEXX has mutated once again.

The making of the LEXX
Part 1

BRIAN : For season three what were hoping to tell a story in thirteen parts. With each part of the story each long part of the story, so be more or less self-contained.

STAN: So exactly where are we?
PRINCE: Between Fire and Water

NIGEL: Therere two planets that have a sort of theyre almost in the same orbit share an atmosphere at one point. One is called Fire which is totally dry and has not water at all and very hot and the other is Water which is all water. The Lexx has been drifting for like over four thousand years and it drifts into their atmosphere and they think its a comet the people down on the planet think its a comet so they travel using hot-air balloons.

So they go up in this hot-air balloon and they shoot an arrow at it and basically - its like shooting the white whale you know - they get it... and it pulls them along and then they sort of really get in. And get on board.

BRIAN : The story arc is clear, the on the characters is clear and I think the introduction of Prince like a sort of like a almost a fourth prominent cast member in a sense. That worked really-really well.

NIGEL: Hes one of these characters that has unlimited power. He has unlimited power, unlimited abilities. He can do what he wants to He just decides what he wants to do and does it. Because he can.

PRINCE: You command the Lexx. And I have learned that the Lexx is a great weapon - a weapon that will finally tip the scales

BRIAN: I think in some ways Stan represents - in the broad sense of the word - the common man. Stan wants to survive - he wants to survive the best he can - and wants to avoid unpleasant circumstances and wants to engage in pleasant ones.

BRUCE MACDONALD: The sensual man thats Stanly basically. Hes up to find anything to engage anything that brings him pleasure. And to run as fast as he can from anything that will require complication responsibility or pain.

STAN: You see, an evil planet is gonna be blown into tiny little chunks, and then the Lexx, hopefully, is gonna eat those chunks, and then we'll be able to sail away from a place where I really don't wanna be anymore.

BRIAN: So in terms of my own identification with Stanly I would never wanna be the guy you know but - in real life - but in terms of a character I think its a wonderful role to play. I mean its its so broad, therere so many possibilities in there as oppose to Michael playing Kai whose role is essentially eliminated.

STAN: Did they hit us?
KAI: Not where it matters

MM: After first day, couple of what are we gonna do, your character is so dolly. I recalled "no-no-no! You wrote him dead, he stays dead, I am gonna do it. He doesn't wanna be alive or be half-human like No Im dead-dead-dead, I just want to be dead". And then as oppose to that he became more mechanical and then in the last year the thing was that he can be superman - sort of - or he can have a kind of a really extreme physical stability or whatever but its got to be vulnerable as well.

BILL FLEMING: Kai becomes. Well I dont wanna actually say but we will actually see a whole other possibly the whole other side of Kai character which actually even has more to it then meets the eye at first.

XEV: Kai? I thought that you had somehow come to life, but you are still dead, aren't you?
KAI: Yes
XEV: So how can there be two of you?
KAI2: One is dead - the other is alive

MM: That had a nice sporting touch with the Japanese bow which I managed to learn pretty well how to do. That was fun, that was really fun to get that artily in.

BILL FLEMING: Xev gets an opportunity to see a different side of Kai which she finds shall we say attractive and interesting.

BRUCE MACDONALD: Shes got the appearance of the love slave and the soul of an independent fearless warrior woman. She can sort of shes very good at serve playing things to get her way and plays a double agent a lot of the times I think.

XEV: Why I'm happy to accept your deal under the right conditions.
You bring out something in me that doesn't always find proper expression

The making of the LEXX
Part 2

MM: There was some particularly satisfying falling at the very beginning where. Halifax rigger got a very nice body rig. Youre posited from two lines in the middle and so it gives a great deal of freedom in falling and kind of tumbling and parachuting at stuff. And that was nice.This kind of physical stuff is very satisfying to do and to be able to do.

Am I too low? Lift me up a bit that good? Bueno

BRIAN: Now the guys in the audience will probably identify with this. Imagine having somebody grabs you close to a delicate area and holding on very-very tightly for like two or three hours you know. A lot of vaseline, a lot of baby powder Its not really that much of a problem you know. You react to the immediate situation.

MM: Yeah, I spent some time under water with about thirty five pounds of weight on my body so I would sink like a [] into the bottom of the pool. One of the satisfying things is what you do then is you work it out very-very technically step by step and just execute. And so you do it and then you stop doing it and say ok, Ive done that, I did every step just right, it worked out fine. And then you kind of go oh, thats a thrill! That is fun! But its all delayed all the fun is sort of delayed.

XEV: We're going to have to start with a little bit of pain...
STAN: I'm not good with pain!

BRIAN: We tried it with the clamps actually on the nipple oh, no no no no no. And then what we did was actually the make up girls made nipples that were likely larger out of latex and that was fine. They glued them on now, that part was fine... that was fine but when they came off it um you know.. It was crazy I tell you..

BILL FLEMING: One of the episodes that I directed Gondola is entirely shot in this gondola.

DAVID HACKL: The gondola was great. That was really the finest piece that we designed this year. We went through about probably thirty or forty changes and different design ideas, thousands of drawings and sketches and we racked our brains for weeks over that to finally come up with something that was rude but at the same time was elegant. But also would work practically.

MM: The ship is a whole was a.. I think it was good in the end. I think therere kind of [] things there that are probably very nice to look at. You know Ive got conflicted relationship with gondola I spent a lot of time in there with the hot lights, the sand blowing

NIGEL: This was a middle of summer down in Halifax. You cant have the air condition turned on because it makes too much noise when you shooting So it was hot and close You get to know people real well in that situation.

The making of the LEXX
Part 3

Prior to season III, lexx was shot in studios in both Halifax and Germany.

BILL FLEMING: It had always been ironic to me to move from a studio in Canada a show which is primarily shot in the...totally shot in studio to yet another studio thousands of miles away across the ocean and so I thought why not to take advantage of what Berlin has offered in terms of locations. Let's find some places and break the show out of the studio and try to find some interesting locations to take some of the episodes on to.

BRUCE MACDONALD: It's a little tough for all the crew shoot in location than it is within the certain comfort of the studio where is a lot of control because - as you know - there're a lot of green screen, a lot of special effects down in the show. Instead of this we tended to rely on the location to tell the magic of the visuals rather then creating a lot of camera effectsyou know kind of CGA effects. We let the location kind of to tell us where we are and to understand that location.

SOMEBODY: We are in the Rudesdorf near Berlin. The very decayed location. We will soon start to shoot

BRIAN: We shot in a place called Rudesdorf which was an abandoned cement factory. And it was abandoned in the late sixties. And it was pretty hard for all the cast and all the crew, we spent two weeks shooting there. And snow outside, no windows and there was no way to actually heat the place that was totally impossible, out of the question

Scene 9 E take 4
Brian, action

NORMAN DENVER: It was a horrible miserable place in many ways it was dark, dusty so there the problems were the crew you know inhaling the bad air and it was dark. You know the building was kind of falling apart but it wasn't. So you know under those circumstances things go wrong, things are slow down. But we were very well propped so whatever went wrong we could handle.

Scene 12 take 3.
Thank you.
Brian and Xenia action.

XEV: Come on, this way!


And quiet, please, stop this joking around here we gotta concentrate!
Please keep quiet!

STAN: Giggerota you're alive..
QUEEN: Who's Giggerota?

ELLEN: Underneath here this is not fake that is a real fire. So the tub was ending up to be so hot that the first time I wasn't sure what temperature it had, the tub. So I asked for warm water but in the twelve hour I was starting to hallucinate because that was so hot. So basically they set this kind fire and the tub would boil. And in the meantime that would also have the dry ice effect and a smoke effect on top of there. So we're dealing with an old building with smells and rats and bats, fire, smoke, dry ice, water costume that weight eight hundred pounds and I was still smiling!

QUEEN: Drumsticks, drumsticks, drumsticks, drumsticks!

ELLEN: It was fun and it was challenging I thing Lexx for an actor is the most incredible experience. I'm laughing at how much fun I had on this because I can basically do everything I mean, usually you're told 'less is more'.... more is not enough on this show!

SQUEAK: Council time, your majesty!
QUEEN: Oh, boring, boring, boring, boring!

SOMEBODY: Here we are, chilly Thursday morning in Fort Hahneberg preparing for a run-for-head shot with Stanly Tweedle running from the psychopathic homicidal maniacs. We're like in the shadows.

BRUCE MACDONALD: Underneath this fortress there are these tunnels a maze of tunnels that are quite beautifully build this is round beautiful brickwork in kind of a little labyrinth of tunnels. So we spent yes, two weeks shooting in these tunnels. So we achieved some interesting visual elements with these tunnels. It was really fun to backlight, you know Play the sound in these tunnels play the maze of running through.

NIGEL: It was wonderful cos there it was an amazing building. There were these long, long tunnels which would go up.... and then down into nothing, into nowhere, just into darkness. And a couple of shots we've done long shots of us walking just walking, walking, walking toward the camera which looked amazing. But it was just freezing. I remember one time I meant to be on Fire which is very hot and I'm talking down into a hole to Stanly. And all I can see is my breath coming out all the time. And they say "Can you see it on the camera?" - "Yeah, we can"

PRINCE: Well, you can stay down there if you want to, but I think I should advise you that they always stay down there, in the tunnels.

PRINCE: So we had a big heater down in the hole and a fen blowing it up so that I didn't have a cold breath. Crazy!

SOMEBODY: We'll be at hell soon and we'll be in heaven on Monday mourning

- I feel exactly the same way.
- You do?
- Yeah. Lily, I wanna water your garden.

SOMEBODY: I wanna water your garden

BRUCE MACDONALD: We shot in the botanical gardens in central Berlin which is an old Jules Verne's architecture of glass and steal structure. Inside - house with these beautiful lush tropical plants and flowers. We were really relieved when we moved into the botanical gardens.

BRIAN: It was: oh, god it's all the way up to ten degrees Celsius here so this is great And it was a lovely location. But unfortunately we were there only for a week.

MM: I'm enjoying this so much I'm starting to think I must be a little bit autistic. Now.. I gotta say either I'm autistic or my character is autistic whatever... but being buried in the earth for my character was... I think that's close to a nice erotic sensation that Kai has ever... kind of... experienced... And except for the misadventures of that episode. I think he happily would've stay there, seriously and very very very determinately trying to decompose there, under the earth.

XEV: Why are you buried in the dirt?
KAI: It is the natural way of all dead things

The making of the LEXX
Part 4

NIGEL: It was like guerilla filming you know it really was not the animals, the people. Because it was a tiny unit that we had and we'd go out and set up camp, wherever we happened to be. It's an amazing countryside, it's so completely different from anything that you'll see here in North America, just completely different.

SOMEBODY: He won't get out for weeks!

BRIAN: It was excellent ideal situation. The countryside was beautiful, the crew was wonderful, the food was great. I mean, everything! There wasn't a single thing that I can say: that was wrong or in any way off-putting about shooting in Africa.

NIGEL: You know, these silly little pink and blue and green umbrellas to walk around and keeping a shade Very strange

BRIAN: "I say, Rudolph?"
NIGEL: "Yes, darling?"
BRIAN: "Are you enjoying the vacation so far?"
NIGEL: "Awfully, awfully good I must admit it's awfully nice to be able to get away to these latitudes.
BRIAN: "Oh these latitudes, yes indeed, yes indeed... I find that the salt breeze does the skin a remarkable amount of good.
NIGEL: "Oh yes, very!"
BRIAN: "My complexion has cleared up remarkably."
NIGEL: "Remarkably!"

NIGEL: We were on the beach in Namibia and it was windy as hell it was really-really windy.

NIGEL: I have to turn around...

PRINCE: I will see you later, Stanley Tweedle!

NIGEL: They set up a green screen behind me. At this photograph that we have you can see the cameras here and the green screen is there it's bellowed out like that and there four guys with ropes holding it down. And I'm standing there like this in front of it blowing in the wind! And it's just like WOW!

BRIAN: I was standing on the beach and I said to Paul: "So lets wait for the waves to die down a bit, ok?"
He said: "No, those are the small waves". You know and I said "Oh, God"

PAUL: This is the calm water...
BRIAN: Oh boy, that's the calm water
PAUL: it's get windy and waves get big
BRIAN: These aren't big waves?
PAUL: No, these are tiny.

BRIAN: And the water was about eight degrees Celsius. That's a cold shower! I had a wet suit underneath my costume. But getting into the waves I don't swim! At one point Ione of the waves picked me up and washed me right into the camera. Right into the tripod. I ended up with my head between the legs of the tripod. That was pretty strange... The payoff is when you finally see those images, those locations on tape when you see the finished product and you can say: "well, guess it was worth it that after all"

BRUCE MACDONALD: It's amazing to me because these three actors - Michael and Xenia and Brian - are very talented, really know their stuff put up with a lot of abuse! Because it's a tough thing making the show, it's very physically demanding. There's a lot of stuff where they're acting in front of green screens, and there are long hours... and they are the most good-humoured, patient and talented people.

MM: Jesus Christ I almost..

BRIAN: I was just wondering
what * was I wondering? What was the * line?

Subtitles: Lunatic

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